It's about a girl who is in love with a boy but she has cancer and she don't want to date him because she has only 3 months to live.


2. When I first saw him 😍

The first day I saw him was when I was in 8th grade we never talked. Until, my second day on 9th grade I was walking down the hallway and I was reading my book not paying any attention I ran into his locker door and feel over. He helped me up and help pick up my stuff he was so dreamy oh and by the way his name is Kyle he ask if my name was Ellionna and I said yes. He walked me to class then he asked if I wanted to hang out after school and I said yes. And so I went to class. Then we walked into the class room and he sat next to me we learned about the American revolution. Then the bell rang and it was time to go to home room so I did. The whole time I was in homeroom I was reading a book call "A MidSummer Night Scream" it was a mystery book I love mystery books so does Kyle. 

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