It's about a girl who is in love with a boy but she has cancer and she don't want to date him because she has only 3 months to live.


4. My 16th birthday

Well I now have one year baby! I know it's okay remember we are making it last. I know I just wish I had longer. Well that year is all we need. Okay I love you Kyle. I love you too Ellionna. So that year went by really fast. They moved in together and they where in love until on day Kyle came home from work he yelled her name for 10 minutes then he went into the bathroom and he found Ellionna in the bathtub dead. With a note one the sink. He starts to cry he puts the note in his pocket and calls 911.

This is 911 what is your emergency? 

My girlfriend is dead she had cancer and I came home from work and she was dead in the bathtub.

​Okay I am sending some guys to come just stand by the door and wait for them.


~The phone hangs up~ 5 minutes later the ambulance shows up. 


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