It's about a girl who is in love with a boy but she has cancer and she don't want to date him because she has only 3 months to live.


3. After School!

So after school we went to the park and we walked around we talked and laughed until he asked me the question that scares me every time someone asks me. Kyle: Why do you where the hat all the time? Me: Um Kyle? Kyle: Yes? Me:  I have cancer! Kyle: Oh well I'm sorry. Me: It's fine I was just hiding it from every one for a while. Kyle: oh well your secret is safe with me. Me: thanks 😊. Kyle: no problem and can I tell you something? Me: a yes. Kyle: I like you I have liked you for a while scene 8th grade. Me: really I have liked you that long to I was just scared to tell you and you not liking me back. Kyle: Now we both no that we both like each other so now it's cool. Kyle: so I brought you hear to ask you out. Me: well I don't know because I have cancer and I only have two years left. Kyle: that's feel let make it last let's make some God damn memories. Me: okay.

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