Valuing Your Virtues (Book 4)

One thing you'll learn in life is to value your virtues. Even though it may be hard to do. After losing something so great, it might not be easy to get back on track, but it starts to become easier after you accept yourself for what you have, instead of what you've lost. After losing my father, it wasn't a happy time, but I'm here. I'm still alive, and I'm still fighting. Me, Athena Black, has realized something grand. That is to not give up until you've realized what you've got.


13. 12 -final-

Athena's POV

It got pretty boring pretty fast with only myself for company, but that didn't last for long. Soon I head familiar voiced. Too familiar. Weasley familiar. I heard Madame Pomfrey enter the room and emit a small but still audible gasp.

"What on earth happened?" She exclaimed and I listened intently, but they were either too quiet or Mrs. Weasley was crying too hard for me to hear. "Well, there's something else you may want to see." I heard her say.

"What?" I recognized the voice as Remus this time. Madame Pomfrey sighed and I heard her walking closer to me. It's too damn bad I couldn't move my head to see what the hell was going on. I heard the curtain open and light flooded in.

"Jesus, that's bright." I winced and moved my eyes to try and see something, but I only got ceiling.

"Athena?! What in the world happened to you?" Remus was by my side instantly.

"Some fu-freaking Death Eater. I'm fine, I just can't move a single fucking think in my body other than my face." I gave a sickly sweet smile.

"Mm, don't forget your ribs."

"What about them?" I heard Tonks this time.

"Ten are broken, they'll be easy to fix if they haven't punctured anything. I just have to finish the potion to unfreeze her before anything else can be done."

"How would you know if they've punctured anything?" He asked.

"We haven't figured it out yet, but by the way she's acting, I don't think it has." She said and I could imagine Remus nodded.

"Hey, would anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on? Why is Molly crying? Is everyone okay,"

"It's Bill," Remus lowered his voice. "He was attacked by Fenrir, but he wasn't fully transformed. He'll only have minor symptoms, he's okay. He'll have bad scarring though."

"Are you sure he's alright?"

"Yeah, positive."

"Good. Is Fred here?"


"Don't let him come on."


"Just don't."

"Okay then." He said and I just realized what had happened today.

"Draco is a Death Eater now, I presume."

"You'd be correct." He said darkly.

"I would strangle that little-"

"Here, the potion is finished!" Eli exclaimed happily and I head her walk closer to me.

"Great, get me moving again my fellow friend." I cracked a small smile.

"Can do," she said and whatever she used, she got the potion down my throat and after a minute or two I felt less frozen solid and I could move again.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed and made a move to sit up faster than I intended. I let out a cry of agony and almost fell off the bed before Remus caught me.

"Yeah, um, you have like ten broken ribs, so sit the fuck down." Eli said sassily and I cleared at her. "I'll be right back." She said and walked back out. A few minutes later, she was back and had her wand out. "Sit still, or this won't work so well." She demanded and I nodded. "Brakium emendo." She muttered and most of the pain I was in eased away.

"Thank you." I said and stood up, feeling alright.

"No trouble." She smiled and Remus and I stepped out of the closed curtain.

The Weasley family turned to look and I shot them a smile saying everything would be okay. "Athena? What the hell happened?" Fred asked and was at my side instantly.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." I said and kissed his cheek. I looked over to Bill and sighed. "How are you feeling?"

"Well, okay I guess." He shrugged and I walked over to hug him.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. Really." I whispered before I let go of him. He smiled gratefully and I just shrugged. "I... Have to go find Professor McGonagall. Excuse me." I said and walked out of the hospital wing. I found her frantically making her way down the corridor and I stopped her.

"Ms. Black, I really need-" I cut her off and hugged her. Professor McGonagall was surprisingly a really loving person, and right now she was unbelievably scared.

"Please, Minnie. Tell it isn't true." I begged.

"I'm afraid so, Athena."

"Please, can I help with anything?" I asked.

"Just... Follow me." she said and I nodded. We made our way out of the castle and over to the Astronomy tower. There were a few people surrounding it, and some looked as though they were crying. As we got closer, the sight made my stomach turn. "Oh dear..." I heard my former professor gasp and I couldn't bear to look at the body any longer.

No more than ten feet in front of me was the body of Albus Dumbledore. His limbs were sprawled at odd angles and bent the wrong way. His face looked panic-stricken and his eyes were... Empty. So, so cold and empty. I felt my heart drop to my stomach and I felt like crying.

Dumbledore, the kind, and extraordinary wizard, was dead. And he was murdered by my former Potions master, and 'ex'-Death Eater, Severus Snape. "How could he have done this? I thought he was on our side?" I asked McGonagall in a hushed tone.

"I do not know. I guess, sometimes it's better to leave the evil where they belong instead of trying to save them." She whispered and I saw her eyes brim with unshed tears. I turned away because one, I couldn't bear to see her cry, either. She was a woman I had always looked up to, even if she didn't know. And two, I was now crying myself.

Professor McGonagall was always the strongest woman I've ever met. She was extremely smart, too. Strict, but very, very smart. "Athena, you don't have to be here." She said and placed a hand on my arm. "I know it isn't easy for you."

"I want to be here. I'm sick of being so stupid and running from things I'm afraid of. I want to be able to face it, and tell the story later on. And most of all, Professor McGonagall, I want to be more like you."

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