Valuing Your Virtues (Book 4)

One thing you'll learn in life is to value your virtues. Even though it may be hard to do. After losing something so great, it might not be easy to get back on track, but it starts to become easier after you accept yourself for what you have, instead of what you've lost. After losing my father, it wasn't a happy time, but I'm here. I'm still alive, and I'm still fighting. Me, Athena Black, has realized something grand. That is to not give up until you've realized what you've got.


11. 10

Athena's POV

It took me a few days to get back to myself, but once I was it was like nothing really happened. I didn't like to talk about it, so we didn't. Fred was respecting that, and it made me feel much better. Today was my nineteenth birthday and u was trying my best to keep it on the down low.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My fiancée yelled at me as I walked out of the bedroom.

"Thanks. That was a great birthday gift. Deafness." I rolled my eyes.

"No need to be sarcastic." He said and I sat down at the island. He set down a plate of food in front of me and I smiled.

"Thank you."

"It is your birthday, therefore today you do nothing." He said and kissed me.

"Well that means a lot." I smiled and kissed him again.

After breakfast the two of us just laid together. I just love being with him, so I insisted the two of us just stay home and do nothing. "You know I love you right?" He asked.

"Well I would hope so. I wouldn't want to be getting married to someone that doesn't love me." I smiled and kissed him.

"No really, I love you so much. It's hard to believe you actually wanted to date me. Me! Out if anyone." He laughed. I rolled my eyes and ran my hand down his arm and grabbed his hand.

"You know I wouldn't have chose anyone else. You're the stupid best friend I fell in love with. It's basically every love story ever." I smiled and he rested his hand on my thigh.

"But ours is different." He said.

"How so?"

"Because we're not part of some stupid made up love story. You're you and I'm me and together we're us, and when were not together I'm just me, and I don't like being just me. I love you and you love me, well, I hope, and together is all I want us to be."

"That was strangely sweet yet made no sense." I laughed.

"You make no sense." He said.

"Great comeback, ginger." I smiled and he kissed me. I was about to take it a step further when I heard a knock at the door. I furrowed my eyebrows and jumped out of bed, throwing one of Fred's shirts on over my bra and some shorts.

I walked out to the kitchen and answered the door, where I was greeted by the faces of most of my friends and family. "What the hell guys?" I asked, but with a smile.

"You wouldn't think we wouldn't come and wish you a happy birthday. With cake." Remus smiled and I let them all in.

"Fred get your ass out here!" I yelled and I heard him shuffle to put on his clothes and join us.

"Hey everyone." Fred said, clearly shaken.

"Hey there." Eli laughed.

"Were you two in the middle of her birthday gift?" George asked and I groaned.

"Go to hell," I said while my cheeks burned a crimson colour.

"Honey, I'm in your shared house with my twin brother. I'm already in hell." He said and if flicked him on the nose.

"Fuck off somewhere." I rolled my eyes.

"Well that's rude." He rolled his eyes.

"We've been over this many times. I'm a naturally rude person."

"Like her father." Remus said and I shrugged.

"If the shoe fits."

"ANYWAY," Eli brought silence upon the room. "We have a cake." She smiles and pulled out a box and set it on the island in the kitchen.

"Who made it?" I asked skeptically.

"Yours truly," Eli smiled.

"It isn't poisoned?"

"You really think I'd stoop that low?"

"I've learned that anything is possible with you." I retorted.

"Fair enough." She said and I walked over to the box and opened it. It was a very nicely decorated cake but what drew my attention to it the most was what the black icing said on top of the white.

"Happy birthday Shithead. I see you had your part in this, Remus?" I said and raised an eyebrow.

"You know it," he smiled.

"Overall, it's great. But don't you think that was a slight bit rude?"

"Hey, it worked." He shrugged and hugged me.

"I hate you so much." I sighed. "But I love you too."

"There it is," he smiled. "I love you too, shithead." He grinned.

"Eli, thank you so much." I smiled and hugged her.

"Anything for my main hoe." She said and kissed the top of my head, causing me to laugh.

"I'm you're main hoe?"

"Yeah, and I better be yours or I'm throwing the cake out the window." She announced.

"Hey look everyone! It's my main hoe!" I exclaimed and hugged her again.

"Damn right. See, she loves me more, Fred. I'm her main hoe." She teased.

"Yeah, sorry. I might just have to marry her instead." I smirked and he feigned a look of terror.

"I can't lose you! My love, no!" He said and out a hand over his heart.

"She's mine now. Bye." Eli said and laughed.

"You've always been like this, haven't you?" Tonks asked and I nodded.

"Most of my life, yes." I told her.

"Yeah, and I had to live with it." Remus pointed out.

"Oh shove it, you were the one who agreed to be my godfather. I said you could kick me out at any time." I squinted at him.

"Oh I know, and I wouldn't have traded those years for the world." He smiled and ruffled my hair.

"That's rude."

"I know. I really don't care, either." He stated.

"Fuck you, let's eat cake." I said and got out everyone a plate. I grabbed a knife and they all began singing happy birthday, and put and lit candles on my cake. I rolled my eyes at their foolishness, but didn't interrupt. When they were if sighed I blew out my candles and made a wish.

"Thank god, now I can do this." Remus sighed in relief and before I knew what was happening, I had a handful of cake in my face.

"Again, I hate you. So very, very much."

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