To be Remembered

15 is just a scary number.


1. 10, August, 2015...11, 40 pm

Okay, i swear this is scary. Like scary is an undrstatement maybe. Tomorrow is results day and OHMYGOD IM SCARED!!!!!!!! Okay i have to say this, im not the kind of person who's like this. Infact I wasn't even scared....(that is, untill my friends creeped the hell out of me with their texts. I do know for a fact, that I will pass (Insha Allah) but OHMYGOD IM GONNA PASS WITH THE WORST GRADES EVER. Just please please PLEEASSEE GOD, dont make me score Cs pplleeaaassee. You know what, honestly, i wouldnt even mind my grades. Heck even my parents have told me that the important thing is I get to learn something from this and give my best the next time. But what I'm actually scared of is, how ALL MY CZNS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MY RESULTS SINCE EVER. And here's the simple deal, we get these family get-together each year and everytime my dad is the one with this big mouth (Im sorry dad i just dont know what else to call that) and he would have to comment on each and everything my czns do. And obviously as the lovely people my czns are, have been waiting for me (aka the eldest one amongst my siblings) to take their revenge out on. Obviously dad is coping up well, and supporting me and all BUT OH THIS IS GONNA HURT BAD. Its like theyre more curious to finding out my results then I am and its not a nice feeling, i swear. Honesly, i never even cared for my results (okay maybe i a tiny bit) I care more for all the shit they're going to say. But nonetheless, I know they love me and it'll be a great joke for some time but then later they'll forget it and we'd make midight snacks together :D My friends El, is seriously creeped out. Apparntly, her parents are really gonna be dissapointed in her if she scores terrible. But you know, i dont care. ten years from now, I'll be looking back at this exact diary note and i'll be laughing my ass off at it. And because i dont feel like sitting out here alone tonight, I'll just run to my room, pray, ad hope for sleep to come. (Nah im kidding I'll be reading the vampire diares lol) Im going with my favourite quote tonight, which is be adele saying, "Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you're making it for a good cause" :)) Night night. Love, May yay yay
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