I'll Stand By Your Side (Book 3)

Athena Black's seventh and final year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry brings more than she could ask for. Dolores Umbridge, The latest Defence Against the Dark arts teacher is beginning to take over the school in the Ministry of Magic's attempt to keep the news of Voldemort returning to power on the down low, and that doesn't settle well. Athena is the youngest member of The Order of The Phoenix and is determined to do the best she can to help, as long as she can stand by the sides of the ones she loves. (Book three to the Proud To Be series)


1. prologue

Athena's POV

"WHY ON EARTH IS SHE ALLOWED TO BE APART OF THE ORDER? SHE'S ONLY SIXTEEN!" The oh-so familiar voice of Molly Weasley filled the silence that lingered over Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.

"Yes, but she's turning seventeen this year, therefore she can make her own decisions, and this is what she wants." My father told her, almost sounding bored. Well, I can't blame him, he's told everyone this multiple times. It does get quite dull after a while.

"Mum's at it again, I'm guessing?" My boyfriend, Fred Weasley appeared next to me. I grinned and kissed him on the lips. It seemed like forever since I did that, even though its only been a month and a half.

"Yes," I smiled.

"Who this time?" he asked, knowingly. You see, it wasn't a rare occurrence that Mrs. Weasley lost her temper, and Fred and his twin brother, George, are usually on the receiving end of her wrath.

"Dad." I said, hoping he didn't ask why.

"Why?" Damn.

"Because he may or may not have gotten Dumbledore to let me be a part of The Order." I muttered, quickly.

"What? I'm not allowed, but you are? That's rubbish."

"And dangerous. I wouldn't want my pretty little red-head getting hurt now would I?"

"Yes, it's dangerous. That's another reason I wonder why Dumbledore let you in."

"Because I told him I wanted nothing more than to stand by the sides of the ones I love. And promise me something?"


"Don't try and use the same line. It usually doesn't work twice in a row." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"I could come up with an excuse ten times better than that,"

"Yeah, if only it was an excuse." I muttered. "Trust me, Remus didn't like the idea any more than your mum." I sighed. Just then, a girl that seemed no older than thirty and had the most brilliant bubblegum pink hair. Too bad I hadn't a clue who she was.

"Um, excuse me, not to be rude but, who are you?"

"Me? Oh sorry, I'm Nymph- Tonks. I'm Tonks." She smiles and held out a hand. "I'm part of The Order Of The Phoenix. And you're Athena, right?" She asked and I nodded, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you, and yeah, I am." I smiled. "This is Fred, one of the Weasley kids." I told her and she smiled and greeted him. Just when a conversation I would've liked to be a part of began, Mrs. Weasley ran out of the kitchen with dad following, looking a tad bit annoyed.

"Athena, dear. You can't possibly realize what you're becoming a part of! It's-"

"Yes, I get it. I understand, but I really want to help. I wouldn't ever forgive myself if I sat back and watched you guys risk your lives and not help." I told her and she waited a minute, then pulled me into a hug. "I won't even being doing anything that dangerous. Dumbledore probably wouldn't allow it." I said.

"For everybody's sake, I hope you're right."

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