I'll Stand By Your Side (Book 3)

Athena Black's seventh and final year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry brings more than she could ask for. Dolores Umbridge, The latest Defence Against the Dark arts teacher is beginning to take over the school in the Ministry of Magic's attempt to keep the news of Voldemort returning to power on the down low, and that doesn't settle well. Athena is the youngest member of The Order of The Phoenix and is determined to do the best she can to help, as long as she can stand by the sides of the ones she loves. (Book three to the Proud To Be series)


12. 11

Athena's POV

So I was getting married now. Umbridge was pissed after the twins left, and I couldn't help but smile through the rest of the day. Peeves was giving her hell, as promised and seeing Umbridge angry was one of the best things that's happened yet this year. Other than me getting engaged, obviously.

"Wow. You're actually getting married." Eli stated, probably finally letting it settle in. We had just finished our last NEWTs and I couldn't believe it. I was done.

"I can't believe that school is almost over." I laughed.

"That's true," she paused for only a moment before speaking again. "What are you doing after this?"

I thought for a moment before smiling. "I'm going it god or training," I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yes, I know, but where are you living and all that fun stuff." She said.

"Oh, I'm probably going to stay with my dad. I haven't had much time with him lately," I lied easily. I was going to stay with dad. But I hadn't really spent any time with him at all. "Speaking of dad, I should've gotten a letter back from him by now...." I muttered.

"Oh I'm sure he'll write back soon," she smiles. I nodded and sighed.

"What about you? Where are you staying?" I asked. She thought for a moment before shrugging.

"Don't know." She said simply. I smiled and looked at her for a moment.

"Stay with us." I told her.

"No no, I couldn't possibly-"

"It isn't a request, you're staying with us." I told her. She sighed and hugged me.

"You're too nice,"

"Yeah, but you don't know who my dad is yet," I muttered to myself so she couldn't hear me.

"What was that?" She asked.



"Where's Harry, Hermione and Ron?" I asked Eli, looking around the common room. "Neville?" I sighed when I couldn't find any of them. "Where the bloody hell are they?" I asked.

"I dunno, I suspect we'll find out soon enough. You should go to bed, You look exhausted." She said, grabbing my hand.

"No, I want to wait for them." I said firmly.

"Fine," she sighed. "Oh, by the way," she said, pulling something out of her robes. "You weren't at breakfast this morning, so here." She gave me a letter addressed to me with the over-familiar hand writing of my god father.

"Remus." I smiled. I opened it and read it carefully, grinning the whole time.

Dear Athena,

So, you're getting married now? I see how it is. How are you going to get married before me? Anyway, that doesn't matter. Your father and I are happy for you. I just hope you know what you signed up for. Because it won't be easy. But if you truly love him, it'll be alright.

I know you did great on your exams, so don't even worry about it. I can't wait until you've come home and I can annoy you until you leave for training, my young one. Your father also can't wait until you get home. I think he misses you a lot. You see, apparently I'm not the best company which I think us absolute lies. Don't you think I'm good company?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your last week at school, and I'll see you very soon. We both love you and DONT GET IN TROUBLE IN YOUR LAST WEEK AT HOGWARTS!

I ended with a laugh and looked at Eli. She had her eyebrow raised and I smiled. "My godfather,"

"Ah, so what do you want to do? We don't have any classes or anything tomorrow so we can do whatever I guess." She tells me and I shrug.

"It's pretty late so do you just wanna hang out here and see if they come back?" I asked and she nodded.

"Alright, whatever you wanna do. I don't really care." She smiled and sat down beside me.

We talked for a few hours. It had to have been a few hours because I eventually became tired, almost too tired to hold my eyes open. But I couldn't fall asleep... I just couldn't. I had to wait for them to make sure they were okay. I kind of hoped that they were just sleeping in their bed up in the dorms, but I asked Dean and he said they had left... But to where? And why hadn't they told anyone where they were off to?

I guess I wouldn't get those questioned answered until later the next day, because I accidentally fell asleep. But what I heard then next day wasn't something I would've ever imagined.

Remus' POV

I didn't believe it. It wasn't possible. This was just a joke and he was okay. He loved jokes. He's a Marauder. Of course this was just a joke. There's no way Sirius Black was actually dead. Bellatrix didn't kill him and I'm holding Harry back from running through the veil for nothing, because he's going to step out again any minute, right? Of course.

When Bellatrix ran off, Harry broke free and started chasing after her, and I didn't have the heart to follow him. My best friend. He was gone. I looked over at Tonks and she was staring at me, as if I would blow up at any moment. She wasn't exactly wrong, either.

She ran to my side and I held onto her arm, because I didn't feel like I could support myself on my own. I couldn't tear my eyes away from where he stood only moments ago, again. Maybe if I imagined him there hard enough, he might just actually be there. I didn't want to cry, but sometimes you can't help it. Sometimes things happen that you can't help, even if you didn't plan it, or didn't want it. And when it does, you can't expect yourself to be in total control of yourself. Grief and heartbreak are two extremely terrible things to go through, and at the same time it feels damn near impossible. So, I broke down. I was the only Marauder left, and it didn't feel right to say that. Not at all.

But this whole time, I couldn't help but think of one thing. Athena is at Hogwarts with no clue of what's happening right now. Athena is safe, but has no idea that her dad is now dead. My god daughter, and my responsibility is alone without knowledge that she's now an orphan.

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