Tansy's Tales

Talos granted me my Body, Kyne granted me my Voice, Akatosh granted me my Soul.
Tansy is a cold hearted Nord from Bruma who's just arrived in Skyrim. In Cyrodiil she was almost constantly alone. She was different, and it made people afraid. The only company she had was the occasional stranger to warm her bed. But she is finding that things are very different in Skyrim.


3. Welcome to Skyrim; Part 2

“Jarl Ulfric, what is that thing? Is it really a dragon like in the legends?” Ralof asked.

“Legends don’t burn down villages,” Ulfric’s voice was deep and strong, “We need to move, now!” Ralof ran up the stairs of the tower followed by Tansy, the way was partially blocked and some soldiers were clearing it. Ralof went to help but fell back as the dragon broke through the wall and an inferno blazed through the hole. “Get back,” he shouted as he pulled Tansy out of the way. “Look there is an inn down there, jump and land in it! I’ll follow.” Tansy jumped down and landed with a thud before climbing down and out.


The Imperial soldier who took her name and sent her to the block was helping people get to safety outside the inn. He approached her, “I see you’re still alive, stay with me if you want to keep it that way.” He turned back to the people he was helping, “Come here lad, that’s a good boy.” The child got behind the building just in time to miss getting caught in the dragon’s fire, but his father did not. The Imperial gave the child to a man nearby and told Tansy to follow him. They ran behind the buildings staying as close to the wall as they could. They ran out onto the street where a group of Imperials were gathered around their general.


The dragon flew past and Tansy was thrown into the side of a house. She cried out as the jolt had moved the arrowheads that were still in her.

“Hadvar! Get to the keep,” the general shouted.

“Yes, sir!” Hadvar ran over to Tansy and helped her up, “It’s you and me now, lets go.”

“Di Kiire fen alok!” The dragon landed right in front of Tansy, she kept her footing this time and stared defiantly at it. It was massive, black scales, sharp as scythes, covered its back and tail, its eyes were a burning red, its breath smelled of sulfur and power. It reached out to bite her, but she kicked it in the head and ran.


Ralof was in front of the keep arguing with Hadvar. They split up, Hadvar made for the keep and Ralof made for Tansy. “Come on let’s get inside,” he pulled her along.

He slammed the door shut behind them and leaned on it taking a deep breath.

Tansy was standing next to a dead Stormcloak, Ralof came over and said a prayer.

“Looks like we’re the only ones who made it. I’ve no doubt that thing was a dragon. A harbinger of the End Times. We need to get moving.” He took her hands gently in his and undid the bindings that held them. Tansy flexed her wrists and nodded before bending down to take the belongings of the dead Stormcloak, Gunjar.  


Tansy was furious that she didn’t have her gear. She hoped that after she got out of Helgen she could find her camp and get it back. Currently she had on old rags that the Imperials must have put her in. They were torn, and way too small for her, which drew the attention of a few of the soldiers. Everytime she saw their eyes roaming her it made her want to rob them of life.

She pulled off her pants and nearly tore the shirt off before slipping into the Stormcloak armor, which was only a little too big, all the while Ralof tried not to watch.

She took the iron axe from Gunjar and swung it, it would have to do.


Ralof was trying to open a door when they heard Imperials coming from the opposite hallway.

As soon as they opened the gate, Tansy and Ralof ambushed and killed them, one of them had a set of keys for the keep so Tansy took them and all their gold and continued on.

They raided the storeroom for potions before heading into the torture chamber. A few Stormcloaks were being attacked, once the Imperial was dead, Ralof asked if they had seen Ulfric; none had. The keep led into a cave, Tansy could smell fresh air coming from it. The others stayed behind in case Ulfric came through, Ralof led the way without them.


“Disgusting creatures,” Ralof said, pulling his axe out of a spider. “They have too many eyes, let’s continue before more show up.”

Tansy followed him around the next bend and nearly tipped over him.

“Shh, get down. See that bear over there? We can try to get past quietly, or we can wake it and fight, what do you think?”

Tansy said it shouldn’t be a problem and circled around it so they could flank it. The bear fell quickly and Tansy skillfully took it’s hide. Ralof gave her an admiring smile.

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