Tansy's Tales

Talos granted me my Body, Kyne granted me my Voice, Akatosh granted me my Soul.
Tansy is a cold hearted Nord from Bruma who's just arrived in Skyrim. In Cyrodiil she was almost constantly alone. She was different, and it made people afraid. The only company she had was the occasional stranger to warm her bed. But she is finding that things are very different in Skyrim.


4. Warmer Welcomes

The brightness of day shone ahead and the two ran into the fresh air.

Tansy took in the sight of her homeland, it nearly took her breath away. Large pine trees swayed in the breeze, in the distance she saw the sun glinting off a lake, birds were chirping, and small animals were running through the brush.


They heard the dragon roar and ducked under a rock as it flew past them. Once it was out of sight, they walked down to the road.

“My sister, Gerdur, runs the mill in Riverwood. She’ll help us out. It’s not too far from here,” Ralof explained as they walked.

“I’m very glad you came with me and not that traitor, Hadvar. I wouldn’t have made it without you,” Ralof said to her, “You should go to Windhelm and join the Stormcloaks to free Skyrim.”

They walked farther down the road, there was a ruin across the river that Ralof said was called Bleak Falls Barrow. Tansy found it quite intriguing; who knew what kind of treasures could be sitting forgotten inside.

Once they got closer to the river, Tansy saw three standing stones with constellations carved onto them.

“These are the Guardian Stones. Three of the thirteen that dot Skyrim’s landscape,” Ralof told her.

Admiring them, Tansy laid her hand upon the Warrior stone and it began to glow. She backed away and stared in wonder.

“Those stars will guide you to honor and glory,” Ralof proclaimed.


They made it to Riverwood around mid-afternoon and found Gerdur by the lumbermill. They sat under a pine and Ralof told them of the events at Helgen. Tansy leaned on the tree and tried not to doze off, she needed to tend her wounds further.

She awoke to Ralof’s hands on her shoulders, he helped her stand and led her to Gerdur’s house. “I told you my sister would help us,” he smiled.

He helped her inside and onto a bed where she soon fell back asleep.


She awoke the next day to find that her wounds had been fully cleaned and wrapped, a bowl of venison stew sat beside the bed for her along with an outfit of furs and leather to replace the Stormcloak armor. Once she had eaten and was dressed she went down to the inn.


The drunk man sitting on the porch tried to get her to buy him another drink, but she ignored him and went inside. There was a man playing the lute, he smiled at her when she walked past. She went over to the bar and sat on a stool before ordering an ale, a woman walked over and began arguing with the bartender about having enough supplies in the storeroom. It sounded like they were married.


The innkeep, Delphine, told Tansy of some bandits holed up in a mine near town that were troubling people. After finishing her drink, she left to find the mine.


There was a bandit standing watch outside, he never saw her as she crept through the bushes to sneak behind him and kill him. Immediately inside the mine there was a tripwire connected to a load of rocks being held up on the roof. It was very obtrusive and easy to circumvent. Tansy kept to the wall, axe in hand, as she ventured further into the cave.


“Shouldn’t one of us stay and watch?”

“Nah, we’ve got a man outside and that rock trap. We’ll hear anyone who tries to come in.”

Tansy moved even slower as she approached the men who were talking nearby. She turned a corner and saw a raised drawbridge, nearby the two men were sharing a bedroll. Vaulting down to their level, Tansy took the men by surprise and killed the first before he could take another breath. The second man was faster with twin blades and managed to nick her arm before she spun and buried her axe in his shoulder. She looted the men and walked back up to the bridge.


After finding a lever that released the drawbridge, several bandits came storming across. Tansy lay in wait to ambush them as they crossed the bridge. A mean looking woman with a greatsword was putting up a worthy fight. Tansy danced around her, silently taunting her. The woman was careful and made sure not to expose herself. Tansy retreated a few steps before putting her shield up and charging. The force of her hit took the bandit by surprise and she fell from the bridge landing on a rock with a sickening crack.


Bag growing increasingly heavier, Tansy continued through the cave and came upon a forge. It was guarded by several men with bows, and running it was a woman clad in iron armor. A gruesome smile spread on Tansy’s face as she jumped down and sliced into the unsuspecting woman.

“You’ll pay for that!” The bandit fought fiercely, but Tansy was more skilled than she and the fight soon ended.

An arrow wedged into the table next to where Tansy was scooping iron into her pack. She turned to see the archers above her on a bridge. Sprinting away before they could land a shot, Tansy got her own bow out. The archers looked around for her, she stepped from behind a support beam and an arrow struck home in the neck of the one and before the other could let fly his next arrow, the shaft from one of Tansy’s was protruding from his stomach.


She found the bandits’ storage room and picked it clean lining her pockets with their gems and gold before leaving the mine.

She emerged up on a hill closer to Riverwood, the fresh air smelled sweet and was laced with the blood of the bandits fresh on her armor and weapons. Tansy returned to town, her spirits raised.


When she entered Gerdur’s house she was met by a surprised Ralof.

“What happened?” He rushed over to her as she dropped her bag by the door.

“I took care of the bandits in the mine,” she said setting aside her weapons.

“By yourself?” She ignored him and began to clean her weapons and sort through her newly acquired ones.

“That’s pretty impressive.” She looked up at him, a dangerous look in her eyes that caused him to back away a bit. She stood and approached him, he stood his ground and when she was inches from his face she began to unbutton his tunic.


Ralof was caught off guard and stood there dumbly for a moment before taking his shirt off for her and moving to undo the straps on her new iron armor. It soon landed heavily on the floor beside Ralof’s shirt. He wrapped his arms around Tansy and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around him and he carried her towards the bed. He moved to lay her gently down, but she pulled him and rolled on top of him to unlace his trousers.


Ralof caressed her body and removed her small clothes as she finished undressing him. His breath caught at the sight of her curves, and scars. He had obviously underestimated this woman, with fresh blood staining her face and hair adding to the intimidation of her war paint, she was absolutely terrifying in a beautiful way. The fire in her eyes that reflected her soul was enough to strike fear in most bravest of men. But what may have been the most frightening was the unexplainable air of danger, and power, that emanated from her.


Ralof was spent moments after she took him inside of her. This irritated her so she grasped his shaft in her hands and went to work. In return, Ralof lavished her body with kisses.

He gathered himself enough to roll Tansy onto her back, once he saw her lying below him some of the fear left him and he ploughed her mercilessly.


Once they were finished, Tansy gathered her things and headed for the door.

“Don’t tell me you’re running out on me,” Ralof questioned in a humored tone.

Tansy stopped with her hand on the door, “There’s work to be done.” With that she left him there, lying on the bed stripped of everything.

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