Tansy's Tales

Talos granted me my Body, Kyne granted me my Voice, Akatosh granted me my Soul.
Tansy is a cold hearted Nord from Bruma who's just arrived in Skyrim. In Cyrodiil she was almost constantly alone. She was different, and it made people afraid. The only company she had was the occasional stranger to warm her bed. But she is finding that things are very different in Skyrim.


7. The Sewers

The Riften market reeked of fish, sweat, leather, and coal smoke. Tansy distributed her loot among the vendors in exchange for coin, training, and potions. The scent of sewage assailed her nose, again. She first noticed it when she was in the tavern, and several other times while she sold her goods. It was the fire-haired man from the tavern, he was now standing in the shadows of the blacksmith’s house. Irritated, Tansy went over to confront him, “Why are you following me?”

“Can’t help but notice your pockets are a little light,” his voice was deep and sultry, with an intriguing accent.

“Why is that your concern?” she growled.

“Wealth is my business, lass. Maybe you’d like a taste?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I have an errand to do, and I need an extra pair of hands. And in my line of work extra hands are paid well.”

“What do I need to do?”

“Simple, I’m going to make a distraction and you’re going to steal a ring from Madesi’s strong box under his stand, then place the ring on Brand-Shei.”

“Why am I planting the ring on him?”

“Someone wants him out of business permanently, let me know when you’re ready.”

“Let’s do it.”

“Wait for the distraction.” The man walked over to the market and gathered everyone around him. Tansy moved silently over to Madesi’s stall and opened his strong box, inside was some gold, gems, and the ring. Tansy took everything. Brand-Shei was sitting by some crates, Tansy snuck up behind them and placed the ring in his pocket. When she moved her hand away he felt her and jumped up shouting thief. A guard came and took her away. He dragged her into the Riften Jail and patted her down while another guard dumped her bag on the floor and removed all the things she had stolen. When they were finished they kicked her back out onto the street

She immediately returned to the thief from the sewer.

“I guess I expected too much from you, I didn’t think you’d get pinched. Can’t say I’m surprised though, with the way things have been going.”

“What makes you say that?”

“My organization has been having bad luck, but nevermind. Even though you fouled the job, I still think you’ve got the spark we need. If you can handle it?”

“I can handle it.”

“All right. Let’s put you to the test. My group makes it’s home in a tavern called the Ragged Flagon in the Ratway. Get there alive and we’ll talk.”

Tansy scoffed and the thief left, he underestimated her too much. She was going to prove him wrong.


That night, Tansy made her way to the sewers. It reeked of human filth something fierce. She covered her face with a cloth before going too far. Not far from the entrance she heard two men talking. She crept as close as she could to them and attacked one of them. He was relentless in his attacking which left him tired quickly, a fatal mistake. The other man was at a distance firing arrows at her. She ducked and rolled, dodging arrows and came out of the roll to ram her mace into his stomach.

Further on, she found a gate with a very intricate lock on it. It took her several minutes and five broken picks to get it open. On the other side was a lowlife who had made his home there. She killed him and opened a door that led to the Ragged Flagon.


Thieve's Guild

The tavern was on the other side of a large pool of sewage. She walked around it towards the actual tavern and saw the man with the fiery hair leaned over the bar talking to     bartender. He wasn’t wearing the fancy clothes he had on when they met.

“I’m telling you Brynjolf, those days are over,” the barkeeper said.

“I’ve got a feeling about this one, she’s different,” Brynjolf said.

“We’ve all heard that before,” a third man said.

A man got up when he saw Tansy approaching. If he hadn’t moved, Tansy would’ve never noticed him. He glanced briefly at her and walked over to talk to someone else.

“...besides, those types are dying breeds anymore,” the third man said.

Brynjolf turned as Tansy walked over to them.

“Dying breed, eh? Well look here,” he told the other two.

“Well well, color me impressed, lass, wasn’t sure I’d see you again!” Brynjolf smiled at her as she walked over.

“It wasn’t that hard to get here.”

“Reliable and headstrong, you are quite the prize.” He moved closer to her.

“Now that I’ve..wetted your appetite, how about you take care of some deadbeats for me?”

Tansy couldn’t help but notice how much better he looked in his new attire.

“What’d these deadbeats do?” She rested her back against the bar.

“They owe us coin, and don’t want to pay. I want you to explain to them the error of their ways.” He flashed her a smile.

“Who are they?”

He told her the names of three people in town.

“How do you want me to handle it?”

“The debt is not primary concern. Just get a message across that we mean business, but do not kill them.”


“Good. Do this right, and I can guarantee you a spot in our organization.”

She sat down on a stool and had a drink while he told her a little more about the deadbeats she was going to deal with.


Her first stop was at the pawnshop. The owner agreed to pay after his precious urn was shattered on the floor.

Next was the owner of a scandalous bunkhouse. She agreed to pay after her statue of Dibella was threatened.

The innkeeper practically threw the money at Tansy when she approached her.

Brynjolf was very impressed when she returned. He gave her a few potions for the job.

Tansy leaned in close at the table they were sitting at, “What do I have to do next?”

“We need you in our outfit, you’ve done way more than prove yourself.”

“Great, the more coin the better.”

“That’s the spirit! You have all the makings of a true thief. I think you’ll do more than just fit in around here.”

Tansy stared into her drink for a moment

“Before we continue, I have to ask..”

“What’s on your mind, lass?” He placed his hand over hers.

“Your organization is not doing well, is it?”

“We’ve hit a rough patch, not a big concern. How about you keeping bringing in money, and I worry about the rest.”

“Fair enough.”

“Now how about you come with me and I show you what we’re all about.”

He rose from the table and motioned for her to follow. He led her to a closet with a false back, behind it was another room and a doorway that led into a very large cistern.


He introduced her to their leader, Mercer Frey. He told her what she needed to do to be a part of the Guild.

“I think it’s time you prove yourself with something a little more substantial,” Mercer said.

“You don’t mean Goldenglow? Not even our little Vex could get in,” Brynolf interrupted.

Mercer seemed confident in Tansy and explained that it was important to one of their largest clients. He left Brynjolf to provide her with the real details.

Mercer turned as he walked away, “Oh, right, welcome to the Thieves Guild.”

Brynjolf smiled and Tansy had to admit, she was a bit pleased.

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