Tansy's Tales

Talos granted me my Body, Kyne granted me my Voice, Akatosh granted me my Soul.
Tansy is a cold hearted Nord from Bruma who's just arrived in Skyrim. In Cyrodiil she was almost constantly alone. She was different, and it made people afraid. The only company she had was the occasional stranger to warm her bed. But she is finding that things are very different in Skyrim.


8. Hiring Marcurio

Swords and boots clanged in Tansy’s bag as she walked into Riften’s market. She dropped it in front of Grelka, who silently went through it and sorted out what she wanted. Tansy removed the rest while Grelka counted out the gold. She sold the rest to Brand-Shei and dropped a few gems off at Madesi’s jewelry stand before going to see Balimund, the smith. He was hammering dents out of a guard’s shield; upon seeing Tansy arrive, he stopped and smiled up at her.

“Good haul today?”

“Less than I’d like. Bandits are making themselves scarce around here.”

“Likely because they’ve heard of you and don’t want to meet the same fate as the other no-good filth in the area.”

She pulled off her steel boots of hauling. They were enchanted to help her carry more, and Balimund had altered them to be more comfortable and give her a bit more support to add to the effects. She handed them to Balimund, and he looked them over before grabbing a small hammer.

The armor she was given by the Thieve’s Guild had the same enchantment. Balimund had shown her how to fit leather in places that would give her back some support when carrying heavy loads.

He finished with her boots and returned them. She tossed him a few gold pieces before taking her leave.

    She visited the apothecary down in the canal and sold some spare potions. She spoke with Ingun about poison making and gave her a simple recipe. She often wondered why the girl was so interested in poison making. Part of her hoped that Ingun meant to poison Maven at some point. Tansy despised the woman and didn’t kill her herself because she was a great asset to the Guild.

The Bee and Barb was bustling with noise, “Did you hear the news, Helgen was attacked by a dragon!” Tansy ordered an ale and sat down. She was at Helgen when it was attacked, she saw the dragon, but did she believe it? Dragons were only supposed to be in legends, if what she saw was a dragon, what does it mean? Deep in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the mage sit down beside her.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you’re all alone here,” It was that mercenary again. She turned her gaze, uninterested to him. Her eyes glinting with the reflection of a nearby torch.

“With a master of magic at your side, you’ll have nothing to worry about, and you certainly won’t have to be alone,” he wriggled his eyebrows at her.

“Fine,” She handed him a stack of bounties for the hold of Riften, “gather your things, we have a lot of work to do.”

He gave her a huge smile and looked over the papers in front of him, this should be interesting.

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