Tansy's Tales

Talos granted me my Body, Kyne granted me my Voice, Akatosh granted me my Soul.
Tansy is a cold hearted Nord from Bruma who's just arrived in Skyrim. In Cyrodiil she was almost constantly alone. She was different, and it made people afraid. The only company she had was the occasional stranger to warm her bed. But she is finding that things are very different in Skyrim.


5. Adventure Awaits

“Someone needs to bring news of the dragon to the Jarl,” Tansy heard Gerdur telling her husband. Tansy carried a load of chopped wood over to the pile she had started. She was being paid to help around the mill while she stayed; she wanted enough coin to get a better set of armor before she left. The blacksmith had let her assist him at the forge in exchange for some simple armor pieces, which she sold to the general goods store.


She was planning on leaving Riverwood soon, but wanted to be well equipped before she left.

Hod walked over to her as she worked, she didn’t like having to speak to Hod she thought him a dense and simple man.

“Have you seen Ralof?”

“Not since yesterday.” She didn’t look at him and hoped he would go away.

“We were hoping he might have mentioned to you where he planned on going, since you’re friends.”

“And now that he’s gone you’re hoping I leave too,” Tansy thought as she continued to chop wood. Gerdur was only polite to Tansy for Ralof’s sake.

“Here, take this wood to your wife,” Tansy told Hod handing him an armful of wood before walking toward the Riverwood Trader.


Lucan greeted her with a smile and showed her some potions he had on sale. He exchanged them for some iron weapons she took off of bandits earlier in the day.

“When are you planning on leaving?”

“Dawn, want to cover as much ground as possible before dark.”

“I don’t normally do this, but here.” He gave her two cheese rolls.

“Safe travels.”

After spending the evening in the Sleeping Giant Inn, she returned to Gerdur’s house to get some rest before she left.

She awoke some time in the night when she smelled a drunken man entering the house. It was Ralof. He approached her bedroll and knelt down over her.

“You didn’t even think to tell me you were leaving? Not even to say good bye?”

Tansy rolled over and faced him, “I’m leaving in the morning. Now let me be.”

He did as told and she fell back asleep.


The sun was barely in the sky when she walked through the south gate towards Helgen. The morning air was crisp and filled with birdsong. The path was steep in places and snowy. She picked flowers and berries along the way. When the path joined with a road leading out of Helgen, she stopped to trade with a hunter who had camped nearby.

Helgen was occupied by bandits. They were weak, and were hardly a challenge for Tansy. The leader wore heavy steel armor that deflected Tansy’s iron mace, the rest of the bandits wore leather or mismatched scraps of iron. The bandit leader thought to overpower Tansy, swinging a greatsword furiously. Tansy, however, was nimble and quick and able to knock the bandit off her feet and finish her. Once the rest were cleared, she walked through the rubble of the town in search of valuables. She was unable to find any of her old belongings that the Imperials might have taken.

She left Helgen with a greatsword strapped to her back, and a new set of steel armor.


The sun was only starting it’s descent when it was hidden by clouds of snow.

Visibility was down to a foot, and it was cold. Before, she was able to see the looming mountains surrounding her, and now, she could barely see to put one foot in front of the other.

“Is someone there?” Tansy heard a man calling in the distance. She ducked down and moved towards the voice, the faint glow from a fire came into view. She heard muffled voices and horses.

“Who’s out there?” Tansy stood up and walked into the light from the Stormcloak’s torch.

When he saw her, he lowered his sword. “What are you doing out in this weather?”

“Traveling,” she replied.

“Well come with me, you can wait out this storm at our camp.” He led her up to the fire where three other soldiers were gathered around drinking. She joined them and listened to their tales of battle and camaraderie. They all grew quiet when a tall man in furs walked down from the largest tent. He stood in front of Tansy and scrutinized her. She met his stare with her cold gaze.

“I’m Thorygg Sun-Killer.”


“Are you a true daughter of Skyrim? Prove it by ridding your country of those damned Imperials.”

He sat with them and drank as more stories were told.

The snow finally let up to reveal thousands of stars. Tansy took her leave of the Stormcloaks and continued on her way through the mountains.


She passed several hunters making their way through the mountains and traded some furs with them. The mountains released her and she found herself surrounded by trees with yellowing leaves. Further along the road was a small shack that she decided to loot and take a quick nap in. She was awakened by the howling of wolves, nearby. She gathered her things and continued on,

she ended up meeting the wolf pack as they tried to ambush her on the road. They did not succeed. Not long after the wolves she heard what sounded like a bear fight. She crept along over a ridge to see two males battling over territory. She waited and the smaller bear fell, leaving the larger one wounded. Tansy lept down and attacked the bear. It did a number on her shield before she was able to finish it off. After skinning the two bear, she noticed there was a cave nearby so she went inside. A very large sow was waiting inside and put up a better fight than the male did.

Tansy spent the rest of the night in the cave and left at sunrise.


The area was beautiful with it’s colored leaves and rising mountains. The weather was just as beautiful. A few Vigilants of Stendarr shared their breakfast with her when she came across them sitting on a rock enjoying the view.

The road led her to a lake, there was a large house in the middle of it, and a town on the edge.

Tansy noticed a group of men gathered on the side of the road ahead. She loosened her mace, they smelled like trouble.

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