How I Died

I am Marissa Falkner, and this is the story of how I died.


1. Prologue

They say that when you die, your whole life flashes in front of you, like a shooting star in the cold winter night, a chance of a wish that is gone too quickly for you to even think, even blink. It wasn't really - okay, it wasn't at all - like that for me. It could have been because I didn't believe in that stuff - I mean, come on, when someone dies they're not exactly going to be thinking of everything in that space of time, let alone even want to. That's what Marianne says anyway, and she's usually right about most things that aren't do with mathematics or who 'Mr Right' is.

I don't really know if Marianne is totally right, or if I just didn't see it because I didn't expect to see it - or expect to be dead - but at least I know one thing about my death.

It was pretty dam inconvenient.

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