My name's Rowan Campbell. My twin sister, Paige, is my best friend but that doesn't mean she doesn't irritate me. We're completely different; I'm a tomboy, she's a girly girl. I like shorts and sports, she likes skirts and shops. It's 1992, the year that we both get separated by our divorced parents. This is not a story about us getting our parents back together, in fact I'm happy where I am. This is the story of how I deal with beating cancer, living with new people and most importantly, being away from my twin sister.


1. I'm Rowan

I'm Rowan. I was born in 1980 and since it's 1992, that makes me twelve years old. I just want to get one thing straight before we start. I'm a tom boy, Mum says I'm the closest thing she'll ever get to a boy. Dad says I'm the closest thing he'll ever get to a girl.

My parents are divorced you see. My twin sister, Paige, went with Mom. Mom got a new boyfriend five months after the divorce and moved in with him a month later. They're married now and Mum's boyfriend had a little girl, Carmen.

I went with Dad. Dad got a new girlfriend round about the time of Mum's wedding and now we live with her and her two sons, Dylan and Bobby. I had cancer when I was eight and when I was twelve we got the news that I had kicked it's butt. My hair is the length of a boy's, but I like it and Bobby and Dylan just like the fact that I'm not afraid to hurt myself while playing. 

Richard is British and he takes Paige and Carmen to England a lot so Paige now speaks proper English, saying Mummy and Mum but I carry on saying Mom. 

So yeah, that's all you really need to know...

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