My name's Rowan Campbell. My twin sister, Paige, is my best friend but that doesn't mean she doesn't irritate me. We're completely different; I'm a tomboy, she's a girly girl. I like shorts and sports, she likes skirts and shops. It's 1992, the year that we both get separated by our divorced parents. This is not a story about us getting our parents back together, in fact I'm happy where I am. This is the story of how I deal with beating cancer, living with new people and most importantly, being away from my twin sister.


2. 5,238 miles apart.

"You're leaving tomorrow." Paige whispered from her bed. Mom and Dad felt bad that Paige and I haven't seen each other since Mom's wedding three months ago so Mom offered to let me spend two weeks of the summer holidays with them. For the first week I had to sleep on a pile of cushions and blankets on the floor (Paige did offer to share her bed with me but she kicks in her sleep and I was kicked off in the first hour. On Monday though Mom's new husband, Richard (I refuse to call him Dad), burrowed a mattress from his friend and put it on the floor of Paige's room. 

"I know." I replied putting on my pajamas. Dad's girlfriend, Janice, had a pair of flannel pajama bottoms that were too small for her and she cut them for me so they're shorts. She sewed the top half so they fit and then went out and brought me a black long sleeved tee shirt and a plain grey short sleeved top so I have proper pajamas for this trip. My other pajamas have holes in and while I don't mind them, Mom would have gone mental. 

"I don't want you to go." Paige said getting her pajamas on. They're pink silk ones, seeing as Richard is loaded even though they live in a three bedroom flat. Well, studio apartment but still. 

"I have too." I said sitting on the edge of Paige's bed. "Janice got Bobby, Dylan and me new water soakers and walkie talkies. We're gonna have an epic water fight when we get back."

Janice and Dad both have really good jobs so Bobby, Dylan and me are home schooled. We can have what ever we want and we even live in a six bedroom house on the outskirts of town, in the middle of nowhere near a horse range that Janice's brother owns. 

All in all, both Paige and I got off pretty well. 

"You'll call won't you?" Paige said getting under her covers and lying down. 

"Course." I said. "I won't be able to call every day, it costs a lot of money Paige, but I'll call a lot. I promise."

I'm older than Paige by fifteen minutes and I'm pretty sure I thought those fifteen minutes were pure heaven.

"I'll call too." Paige said. "That way you won't be spending all the money."

"Girls, time to sleep." Richard said while walking past the door. I jumped onto the mattress and flung my socks by my duffel bag. I curled up in my soft ball quilt that Dad got me and then faced Paige who turned to face me. 

I closed my eyes but I'm no where near tired. But no one spoke until my black watch beeped signaling midnight. I always have an alarm for midnight because that's when Bobby, Dylan and I sneak downstairs and raid the fridge.

"Hey Rowan." 


"Is Daddy happy?" She asked and I opened my eyes, rubbing them with my hands and sitting up.

"Course he is." I said but I've never really thought to ask him that. "Janice is really kind to him and he likes his job."

"What's Janice like?"

"She's really nice." I nodded. "She never tells me off, she laughs instead and when she catches the boys and me sneaking food to our rooms or eating at midnight she'll always tell us to put them back and then she cooks us pancakes and sometimes waffles. She lets us ride the horses too and she's teaching us how to dance. She used to be a dancer when she was at school. Why?"

"Well, because I always felt bad." Paige replied. "Mummy's happy here and Step-Daddy is really nice too. I always thought that it was bad of me to be happy with Mummy when maybe Daddy wasn't happy with Janice."

I was quiet for a bit before speaking. "Why do you call Richard 'Step-Daddy' but you don't call Janice 'Step-Mommy'?"

"Because I've never met Janice. So I can't call her Step-Mummy until I have." She shrugged. 

"Here, I have a picture." I said jumping up and digging inside my back pack. I sat next to her on the bed and pulled out Dad's old wallet. He gave it to me so I could put pictures inside along with the money that I find lying around the house. So far I have thirty-five dollars and sixteen cents. 

"This is Janice and me one Benji. He's Janice's horse." I said looking at the picture. Paige lent her head on my shoulder to see better. I'm sat on the horse, with Janice behind me. I'm wearing Janice's cowgirl hat and it's too big so Janice is holding it up. "Janice says that when I turn thirteen I can get my own horse. She'll also take me out every weekend just to go riding. For now she lets me ride Benji's friend, Freddie, he's really gentle and does what he's told but I get a brand new horse. It's going to be so much fun. I'll invite you down and we'll go out riding together. I promise."

"I can't wait." Paige said in her British accent. "There's horses at school but only the older kids are allowed to ride them."

Paige goes to Private school and has to wear a uniform and she goes to school for over seven hours a day. Like I said, I'm homeschooled and do my lessons when I want and where I want. 

"I'm tired now." Paige said making me yawn. 

"Good night P." I said slipping into bed again. 

"Good night Row." 


Paige's point of view:

I know we're only twelve, but I sometimes think that because Mummy and Daddy got a divorce that Row and I grew up quicker. Well I did anyway. We're very different too. Take now for example. I'm wearing my cleanest and nicest dress with loads of flowers on it and my nicest red shoes with white frilly socks. I brushed my nice brown hair and clipped it back with a butterfly clip, washing my face and hands after eating the burger and chips that we had ten minutes ago. Rowan's wearing long shorts, a tee shirt that has a picture of a burning tire on it and a base ball cap on top of her head has been turned back to front. Her back pack is a boys and has badges from all the places she's been too on the pocket. Her trainers are dirty and there's mud under her finger nails but she's still my older sister Rowan that I wouldn't change for the world.

I don't want her to go. We've already said goodbye and now Rowan's saying good bye to Mom. Step-Daddy's with me and Carmen's (who's only nine months younger than me) sitting on one of the airport chairs beside me. 

"Bye." I heard Rowan say and then she ran through the gate, holding hands with one of the flight attendants that was waiting for her. Before she completely disappeared she turned round and waved with a big grin on her face, then turned away again and completely left in the plane. 

Carmen and I pressed our hands and foreheads against the big glass windows, watching the plane take off before I took Step-Daddy's hand to go home. 

I'll miss you Rowan.


"ROWAN!" Dylan shouted happily as I walked through the gate. Bobby stopped looking and they both ran over to me. Dylan and Bobby were born four days before me, both of them being twins too.

We did our hand shake before I was picked up and placed on someone's shoulders. 

"Hey Half pint. How was the sleep over." Dad said as I lent down and kissed his cheek. 

"It was okay, they eat healthy." I said grimacing. Dylan and Bobby pretended to throw up and I laughed while Dad started walking.

"Where's Janice?" I asked.

"She's back at home cooking dinner. Your favorite." Dad said swinging me round and putting me on the ground. Let's just say that we got home very quickly.

Dinner was amazing, pasta and meatballs. After that Dylan, Bobby and me got our water soakers, walkie talkies and maps that we got from old Reggie down the road. They're ripping from where we've folded them over and over again but you can still see the red felt tip pen I used to mark the best war zones for water fights. 

We sat in the back garden for a bit, using the many hoses that we have to fill up water ballons, drinking water bottles and big jugs for our water soakers. We split the water balloons equally between us, wrapped them in so many plastic bags and then put them on top of our two bottles of drinking water in our back packs. We lugged our jugs up the big hill and then took out our maps. 

"Let's so, no further than that line." Bobby said pointing at mark A on our maps. That was the best water fight we ever had.

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