Lean On Me - Sequel to Proud To Be

In Athena Black's sixth year, she faces so much more things since previous years. With her father an escaped convict of Azkaban, and her godfather a werewolf, it brings much more trouble than you'd think. So when things start to get rough, her long time best friend and boyfriend, Fred Weasley, is more than willing to be there, so she can lean on him if in need.


8. 7

Athena's POV

"I cannot believe you just did that. Can you believe you just did that? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!" I laughed at Fred, who now had a beard from a failed attempt at crossing Dumbledore's age line.

"Oh shut up," he said.

"You love meeee." I said, kissing his cheek.


"That's rude. I think me and the child are going to leave you here to think about your actions." I said, standing up. When I stood up, he pulled me closer and kisses my stomach lightly, and then moved up and kissed my lips.

"I love both of you," he said and I blush.

"We love you too, Freddie." I smiled. "But I'm still leaving. I wanna see Harry." I said and walked out of the hospital wing, bidding a small goodbye.


The next morning, I woke up and got changed, but stopped abruptly. "Fred, Fred, Fred, oh my god Fred!" I exclaimed, shaking him.

"What? Are you alright!?" He asked me but I only nodded.

"Look," I said, pointing to the small bump that had started to grow. He laughed and pulled me into a hug, and right back into the bed with him.

"You're an ass."

"You love me," he smiled and kissed my cheek. Thankfully, he no longer had a beard and I could kiss him freely without any interference.

"Sure, sure." I rolled my eyes.

"That's rude." He said, pouting.

"Don't pout. You look cut when you pout." I said, kissing him. "But let's go to breakfast. I'm really hungry." I said and he willingly let go of me. I climbed out and finished getting dressed, and so did Fred.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded. "Let's go,"

We walked down the stairs right into a girl with crosses arms and flaming red hair. "Is there something I haven't been told?" Ginny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I-uh... Well-" I started.

"Whoops, sorry Ginny. I guess we just forgot to tell you." Fred shrugged. "Athena's having a baby." He said and I smiled shyly.

"That's great!" She exclaimed and hugged both of us.

"Yeah, but now I have to take baby mommy here to eat, since she eats almost everything."

"Well I'm sorry I'm fat." I retorted and he laughed.

"Alright. Well you two have fun." She smiles and skipped off.

"Alright, let's continue on our journey." He said and we walked down to the great hall, with no interruptions this time.

"Here's fine," I said, sitting down in a seat at the Gryffindor table. Fred nodded and took a seat beside me, and a bowl of porridge appeared in front of us at once.

"You know, I always-" I was cut off by three letters falling in front of me. "Oh! I think we got our replies to the pregnancy,"'I laughed nervously. I picked up the first letter. "No Howlers, that's good." I said and he nodded, looking at the letters as well.

"I think you should open the one from Remus first." He said, pointing to one of the others.

"Yeah... Okay." I said, picking up that one instead. I opened it and took a deep breath. "Dear Athena and Fred too if you're there,

"Congratulations, but I'd like to warn you that a baby isn't easy. I am really happy for you guys, it just scares me to think there will be another Athena running around soon enough." I laughed at his childishness.

"Anyway, I just really want you to know you have my support. All of it. You're going to be a great mom, I know it. And Fred, you'll try your best. I know that, too. I love you, Athena. Talk to you soon." I finished, smiling.

"Wow. 'You'll try your best.' I see." Fred laughed. "Want me to read the next one?" He asked and I nodded.

"Ahem," he started, opening the letter from Molly. "To the happy couple,

"At first, I was a little upset. I mean, my babies are having babies. I honestly thought it would be Bill or Charlie giving me my first grandchildren, not you two. Arthur and I are okay with it, as long as you two take responsibility for him or her. Which I'm sure you will, Athena. I'm not so sure about you, Fred." He paused. "Oh thanks, mum."

"I do hope you're coming home for Christmas, because I can't wait to see you three. Remus can come for dinner, too, Athena. Well, if he wants, of course.

"Good luck with everything, and remember, I'm just an owl away if you need me. We love you both very much, hope to talk to you soon."

I smiled. "You're mother is the nicest woman I've ever met." I told him.

"They took it very well, I'm surprised." He said.

"Yeah, there's still one more letter to go." I reminded him.

"You read it," he said, looking at the letter from my father.

I swallowed hard and opened the envelope, pulling out a piece of parchment. "Athena,

"How did you manage to get pregnant? I mean honestly. Are you that stupid? Do you not know what happened to your mother? Do you care? You're sixteen. You're still a kid. Why would you even think you could handle a kid? I thought you were raised to know better, but no, you had to go and get yourself pregnant.

"Disappointment is an understatement. I cannot believe you. Is Fred even going to stay? Why would he even want to put up with that so young. He can leave, but you can't. You're stuck with this. Think about that. As soon as it gets tough, he can just go, but it isn't possible for you, because you're the one with the god damn child in you.

"You never think before you do anything, do you? Next time, before you ruin your life again, try and use your brain. It's there for a reason. Once you realize how serious this is, I want you to send me a letter. Before that, don't bother. I'm already losing you again when I just got you back."

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