Proud To Be - Sirius Black's Daughter

Being the daughter of one of the most well known criminals was never a good factor in my life. I never had a father to look up to, to cherish and to love. Just some old photographs and an occasional childhood memory from Remus. But the day I met him, though I had already known he was innocent, that was the day I saw him for what he truly was. And I could honestly say that I was proud to be a Black.


1. prologue

Sirius' POV

"What d'you think, Prongs?" I asked James quietly, looking from the sleeping baby girl in my arms, to my best friend.

"I think," he starts, jumping up from the couch and walking over to me "that she's gonna be just like you. Attractive and a pain in the ass, but loveable, nonetheless." He says in a tone with a hint of humor.

"She looks a lot like her mom." I state out of nowhere.

"Do you miss her?" He asks me.

"Who, Ember?" I ask and he nods. "Well of course I do, you prat. I loved her. I still do, but at least she gave me the most perfect thing in the world before she had to leave." I spoke softly, refusing to cry. Sirius Black does not cry.

"Awe my little Padfoot is growing up!" He squealed, causing my daughter to stir in my arms, waking up.

"Git," I muttered. But Athena didn't cry; she had laughed. I looked at the giggling baby girl in my arms and wondered.

"Wait don't babies usually cry?" James asked, just as confused as I was. I shrugged.

"So what can it do?" James asked. I stared at him for a minute, placing my baby girl in her crib gently.

"Come again?"

"Like, what does it do?"

"James, and that's your answer to why Moony is the godfather and not you." I rolled my eyes at him, casting my gaze at a picture frame that held a photo of Ember, Athena's now deceased mother, and I. She was a good 6 months pregnant, but happy. Just like I was. Well, I still am, but I don't have my whole family with me.

"But Padfoot, what are you gonna do if something DOES happen to you, and Remus has to take her in. What about his furry little problem?" He asks.

I laughed, not bothering to answer.

"Padfoot, I'm serious."

"No, I am. You're James." I laugh harder as he glares at me.

"Sirius, mate. Go to hell." He mutters, before picking up Athena, gently cradling her in his arms.

"Who knew James Potter would be so good with a kid," I teased. I got no reply out of him when the door opened and in stumbled Peter and Remus.

"I want, my godchild!" Remus exclaims. I blink at him a few times and he shrugs, walking over. "Why does he get to hold her first?" Remus whined and pointed at James.

"Moony, she just got back to sleep, could you be quiet?" I scolded him and he Nodded.

"I still want to hold her," he said, much quieter.

"But I just got her!" James pouts and I shake my head at these two idiots.

"You can take turns with her, but be careful and try not to wake her up. Or drop her." I told them and sat back, watching my three best friends pass around my beautiful daughter.

All was well, but the one thing I didn't know is that I'd only be a part of my daughters life for a mere two years, Which I wished I could change, but unfortunately, sometimes you can't help what happens to you or your life.

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