Proud To Be - Sirius Black's Daughter

Being the daughter of one of the most well known criminals was never a good factor in my life. I never had a father to look up to, to cherish and to love. Just some old photographs and an occasional childhood memory from Remus. But the day I met him, though I had already known he was innocent, that was the day I saw him for what he truly was. And I could honestly say that I was proud to be a Black.


10. 9

Athena's POV

"All you've been doing these last few days was stare at that map! Come on love, you need to do something. Please?"

"Fred it's not just me staring at the map. if I can prove that Peter is actually alive, and dad is innocent, he can actually be my dad again. This is a huge deal, at least, it is to me." I whispered, sighing.

"Please, you've barely even eaten. Put down the map and let's go eat," he says, stroking my cheek with his thumb. I nodded, looking down and mumbling 'mischief managed' and got up. "Good." He said, smiling triumphantly. I smiled back weakly and let him lead me to the great hall where some students were there, eating meals and talking quietly amongst themselves.

I sat down next to George and Lee, while Fred sat on my opposite side. I watched Fred eat whatever it was he was eating, my mind was racing a hundred miles a minute. What would it be like if dad could walk free and not be locked up or hiding from Dementors. What would it be like if I had a dad again instead of living with my werewolf godfather? (Not that there's a problem with Remus)

"Eat something." Fred demands, glancing over at me with no food.

"I'm not hungry," I shrugged.

"Eat, Athena." He says. I sigh, not wanting to argue and finally put a little bit of food in my plate.

"Better?" I ask taking a bite and he nods.


"I just can't help but think what it would be like having a dad again..." I wonder out loud and Fred lays in his bed next to me.

"You have Remus," he pointed out, pulling me close to his chest.

"I know, but he's my godfather. I never got to have the real father-daughter experience with my own dad. Not that Remus didn't do a great job, it's just..." I sigh.

"I get it. I do. I'm just wondering... What if it isn't everything you've thought it to be?" He asks me softly, trailing his hand over my side and stomach.

"It will be. I know it will. From the little things I can remember about dad, I knew he was an amazing father." I say, defensively.

"Right... Sorry." He says.

"It's fine. I understand you're having a hard time to think of why I would want my 'murderer' father back, it's cool." I shrug, turning away.

"Athena-" I cut him off before he could get any further.

"Look, tomorrow is Saturday. We can talk all day if you want. Just go to sleep." I muttered.

I stared at the wall, hoping he would say something else, but he didn't. I heard his breaths evening out, and eventually, mine did too.

I woke up the next day to Fred placing small kisses on the back of my neck. Definitely not the worst way to be waken up.

There were roughly three months left until OWLs, and I was taking every chance I could when I wasn't with the twins or Harry, Hermione, and Ron, (or staring at the map) to revise and study. I didn't really need it, but I took whatever chance I could get. I wanted as many OWLs as I could get.

"Wake up," he mumbled against my skin, sending a shiver through me.

"I'm up." I said, a smile creeping onto my face. He turned me around to face him and peppered kisses all across my cheeks and nose.

"Morning," he said, smiling.

"Good morning!" I chirped and kissed him on the mouth lightly.

"Let's go eat," he said, getting out of the bed. I nodded and stood up, telling him that I'd meet him in the common room.

I walked to the girls dormitories and changed, fixing my hair and making myself look presentable. I sighed, not completely satisfied, but realized that it would be the best I'd get. I stalked off to the common room, seeing Hermione talking with Harry and Ron. It looked like she was scolding them about something. I laughed under my breath. Typical Hermione.

"Whatcha scolding them about this time?" I asked, smiling.

"Harry still wants to go back to Hogsmeade even though he's gotten himself caught already!" Hermione exclaims, but Harry looks like he's somewhere totally different.

"Athena, can I talk to you?" He asks. I nod and lead him over by the fire where no one was.

"Yes?" I ask him.

"Did you know that Sirius is my godfather?" He asks me and I laugh under my breath.

"Well of course I did," I pause and grab my wand. "Accio photo album," I say and the picture album Remus gave to me flew down from the girls dormitories. "Who d'you think," I opened it and pointed to the picture of me and him on Remus' couch "that is with you there?" I ask him, smiling.

"You?" He questioned. I only nodded.

"Look through it if you'd like. There's some pictures in there of your parents." I said softly, handing it to him. "Remus gave it to me a while ago," I said.

He took it, smiling gratefully. He flipped through the pictures, stopping to look at every one of them. "Athena, if you don't mind me asking, what happened to your mum?"

I smiled a sad smile and looked at him. "She died giving birth to me," I said softly.


"Don't worry about it." I reassured him.

"So... Mom, dad, Remus, Sirius and Peter were all best friends? And your mum?" He asked and I nodded.

"That's right,"

He looked back down, scanning each picture carefully. I wasn't paying much attention and when he started to laugh a little, it took me off guard.

"What's so funny?" I asked him, and he held up the picture of me and the twins. I laughed a little myself and looked at him with a straight face.

"Lucky girl, I am." I chuckles, and grabbed the album carefully when he handed it back to me. "Is that what you wanted to ask me about? Sirius being your godfather?" I asked and he nodded. "Well, don't worry. He loved you like you were his own son. Trust me, I'd know." I smiled, leaving him and walking over to where Fred was waiting for me.

"Having a nice little chat with Harry?" He asked me, smiling a little.

"I just showed him my photo album," I admitted, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly in my own.

"Really?" He asked, shocked. I just nodded and let him lead me to the Great Hall, where I knew I'd be forced to eat things I didn't want to, once again.

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