Proud To Be - Sirius Black's Daughter

Being the daughter of one of the most well known criminals was never a good factor in my life. I never had a father to look up to, to cherish and to love. Just some old photographs and an occasional childhood memory from Remus. But the day I met him, though I had already known he was innocent, that was the day I saw him for what he truly was. And I could honestly say that I was proud to be a Black.


13. 12

Athena's POV

"Hermione, please calm down!" I begged, exasperated.

"But h-how could I?" She asked me through tears.

Fred had gotten out of the hospital wing the same day he was put in, last week and he's been fine. I've been more confident in my knowledge, and the only problem now, is the one right in front of me. Hermione was upset, because her hard work trying to save Buckbeak the Hippogriff, had backfired and were a complete waste of time. I knew they would the whole time, but I wouldn't dare tell her that. I knew they wouldn't work because after all, this execution did have Lucius Malfoy involved.

"Listen," I said softly "we'll find a way to save him. After all, you do have the all mighty Athena on your side!" I said, puffing out my chest. She laughed a little, wiping the wetness from her eyes and cheeks.

"Wanna study? Might take my mind off things?" She asked and I smiled.

"Sure, Lupin might help too, if you wanna go and see him." I suggested and she nodded.

I lead her down to his office, again, not bothering to knock. I stepped in, Hermione in tow, and I sat down in the usual seat. Remus barely looked up at me.

"We have company today, you prat." I scolded and he looked up, rolling his eyes at me. He smiled and greeted Hermione politely and I waited for them to finish to begin speaking.

"I have a question, Remus." I stated.

"What would that be, Ms. Black?"

"Why do you not love me anymore?" I asked in a weird voice, obviously joking.

"Well come on, look at you," he joked, smiling. I placed a hand over my heart in mock hurt.

"That... That was awfully rude Professor Lupin!" I exclaimed and he shrugged.

"That's what happens when the students get too annoying," he stated, simply.

"If I didn't need this study time, I would leave. But no, I'll stay here to annoy you further," I said, smiling and opening my DADA textbook. He laughed and walked over, messing up my hair.

"What are you possibly studying this time?" He smiled and in a feeble attempt at covering my book, he took it easily from me. His smile faltered slightly and his already pale skin turned even whiter. "Right... Keep up the hard work." He muttered, walking back to his desk.

I cast a glance at Hermione, who was so deep in her books she probably hadn't heard a word we've spoken since we got here. I stood up and walked over to my godfather. "I'm sorry, I just needed to review-"

"Didn't know enough about me already? What? Trying to find out just how much of a monster I really am?" He said quietly, feigning hurt in his tone.

"Remus, you know you're so dead wrong. I love you, no matter what. Plus, that isn't even really you. It's something you become against your will. You didn't chose to be this," I said softly, watching him look down at his hands. I sat on the edge of his desk and made sure I wasn't sitting on anything important. "I just need you to understand that I could never think of you that way. You're perfect." I added.

He looked up at me, looking sorry, but I wasn't upset. "I'm sorry," he tells me. I looked back at Hermione, still buried in her books.

"Don't be, I get it." I smiled and walked back to my desk. He nodded gratefully.


"Fred let go," I smiled as he hugged me closer.

"Nope, I don't think I can do that." He stated.

"Pleaseeee?" I asked and he shook his head, picking me up.

"No." He said, falling back on his bed with me. I sighed and laid my head on his chest, giving up.

"You're an ass,"

"Yes, I do like your ass." I smiled, cheekily.

"That's not-"

"Shhhhhh," he said, putting a finger to my lips. I rolled my eyes and bit him. He jerked his hand back and stared at me. "That wasn't very nice." He pointed out.

"Kiss me," I stated, bored. He didn't wait for a second before pressing his lips to my own. I smiled and moved my lips in time with his, not even caring that his brother could walk in and see us whenever.

"I love you," I told him when I pulled away. He smiled and pushed the hair out of my face.

"I love you too, young one." He smiled. I scowled.

"Do not call me that Mr. Weasley." I said.

"I can call you what I'd like to call you," he said.

"And I can say your single again if you keep it up." I said, smirking.

"You wouldn't," he gasped, putting a hand over his heart.

"Watch me, ginger spice." I giggled, jumping up and running into the common room.

"Come backkkkk! I love you!" He calls after me, laughing.

"Chill, I'm right here," I said when he caught up to me, taking me in his arms once again. "I should be studying, instead, I'm here with you." I sighed.

"Oh would you come off it?" He groaned.

"No! The OWLs are next week and you want me to 'come off it'?" I exclaimed.

"Athena, calm down. You need to take a break sometimes. It isn't a crime." He said softly, kissing my forehead.

"But I can't! Because if I take a break there will be something I missed and I'll fail! The OWLs are extremely important, Fred. I cannot fail." I told him, running a hand though my long, black hair.

"You're not going to fail. And I know that for sure. You're so bloody brilliant, I couldn't even begin to catch up to you, so please, stop thinking you're going to fail these things." He sighed, staring at me with his eyebrows raised.

"Okay... Okay... I'm sorry. What do you want to do, I'm sorry." I said.

"It's fine. Don't be sorry, but I have a few ideas on what I want to do." He said, suggestively.

"Oh do you now?"

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