Proud To Be - Sirius Black's Daughter

Being the daughter of one of the most well known criminals was never a good factor in my life. I never had a father to look up to, to cherish and to love. Just some old photographs and an occasional childhood memory from Remus. But the day I met him, though I had already known he was innocent, that was the day I saw him for what he truly was. And I could honestly say that I was proud to be a Black.


11. 10

Athena's POV

"I'm gonna fail." I said, groaning.

"You're not going to fail, Athena. You're the brightest witch in fifth year - and I'd appreciate it if you didn't really anyone I said that." Remus said with a small smile. He still looked ill from the recent full moon, but he was okay. And that's all that mattered. He was helping me out with studying for my OWLs because I was sort of losing my focus and I needed some help.

"Remus, it's impossible. I just.... can't." I sighed, placing my quill down on the desk.

"It isn't, and you can. Just stop doubting yourself." He said, raising an eyebrow at me. "You know you can do it, but you're just scared you're going to fail." He states, simply.

"I'll be back in like an hour. I'm gonna take a break," I whispered and he nodded.

I walked out of the castle and down to the lake, where I knew I'd be able to relax. I sat by its edge and just stared at nothing for a while, until the familiar black dog trotted over to me.

"Hey dad." I mumbled, resting my chin on my knees. He nudged my cheek with his nose and laid beside me. I let out a small sigh and looked down at him. "I'm gonna fail my OWLs." I said, sadly and completely defeated.

He looked up at me and let out a small noise and looked at me as though he was contemplating something. In his dog form he looked around, looking to see if there was anyone there. Or anything, most likely. When he saw nothing he looked back at me. And then the sudden realization about what he was going to do came to me before I could stop him.

"Dad no!" I cried, quietly pleading him to stop. But he didn't. Within seconds, instead of a dog standing before me, it was my father. I stood up next to him and pulled him into the tightest hug I could and I didn't dare let go.

"Athena," he said so quietly I could barely hear him.

"Don't," I whispered, still holding onto him.

"No, I need to talk to you." He said, pulling back. "You look so much like your mother..." He says with a small smile.

"And you look like shi-"

"Athena, language." He reminded me and I rolled my eyes.

"Trust me, foul language isn't the worst that this mouth has seen," I smirked and he stared at me, mouth open in shock.


"Don't, carry on." I say, laughing. He still looked flustered at what I had just said but carried on anyway.

"First of all, you're fifteen, second of all, who, and third of all, ew." He said and I laughed at his childishness.

"Like you weren't up to worse when you were fifteen. And Fred." I stated.

He stared at me again, not willing to retaliate back this time. Then he sighed and brushes the hair that's fallen in my face behind my ear.

"I'm so sorry, Athena." He said softly. I furrow my eyebrows.


"Not being there."

"It isn't your fault, dad." I tell him, honestly.

"But I was supposed to be there for you, instead I was locked away for something I didn't even do. I should've been more careful! I had a three year old daughter for god sakes...." He says and I shake my head.

"It wasn't your fault and it never will be. So don't ever think it is." I told him. "You know, this isn't that great of an idea..." I added.

"What isn't?"

"You being out of your animagus form. Do you realize how dangerous this is?" He shrugged.

"You're worth it." I said and a smile spread across my face. "Anyway, you said you thought that you'd fail your OWLs. I think you're wrong. Very wrong." He told me. "If you've got your mothers brains, you're going to do amazing. Not that you wouldn't anyway." He added with a crooked smile.

I shrugged, looking up at him. "But I won't, though. I've been falling behind lately." I told him.

"And why would that be? It better not be because of that boy."

"No.... No. You, uh. You know why, I'm sure."

"Peter," he spits his name with so much hatred. I nod.

"I'm gonna help you catch that rat. Literally." I chuckled a bit at the end, but realized that now wasn't the time for laughing.

"I appreciate that, Athena, but you can't. It's quite dangerous and I would hate for you to get-"

"Oh shove a sock in it, I'm helping you whether you like it or not." I smiled, and he returned it. Without warning I suddenly broke down into sobs, but not the usual kind, the body racking kind. I pulled him into another hug and didn't bather trying to calm down, because it wouldn't have worked anyway.

"I missed you so much," I cried as I let him hold me.

"I know, Athena. I missed you too. I couldn't help but think of the daughter I left without a father, everyday." He said sadly and rubbed my back.

"I just don't want to lose you again. You need to go. I can't... You need to. I can't lose you again." I told him, straightening myself out. "I love you, but you need to go." I demanded. He looked at me for a minute, as if to contemplate the choices he had. As if he had one. "Dad, seriously!"

"Will you be okay?" He asked.

"Yes! I need to go back and study with Remus anyway, just go, please." I begged. A look of hurt flashed across his face when I mentioned studying with Remus, but he recovered and nodded.

"Okay. I love you. Goodbye Athena, and good luck if I don't see you again." He said and I smiled.

"I love you too dad, goodbye." I said softly, hugging him again.

I ran back towards the castle, already about ten minutes over the hour I'd promised Remus I would be back in. I bursted through the door of his office, flustered and tear stained.

"Athena?" He asked and I waved him off.

"I'm fine, can we just continue?" I asked. He hesitated, but nodded anyway. And that's how I spent the rest of the day, reviewing with my godfather who made sure to reassure me I was doing great every few minutes.

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