People Scare Me ~ a Poem

This is actually a very personal poem. I would appreciate if people didn't start to think 'she has no idea' or something because I do have an idea about what this is like. I have social anxiety, I am scared of people and it is no joke. If you think it is, leave now. This poem is full of my emotions and how I feel so I feel uncomfortable posting it but I wanted to as I know it is not just me who faces this in the world.


1. People Scare Me - a Poem



People scare me,
I know that sounds weird.


I don’t know what it is,
That brings me that fear,
I can’t explain,
They just scare me.


Maybe it’s the eyes,
The staring glare,
Look of unspoken words,
It leaves you to make up their voice,
Words that taunt,
That hurt,
It causes fear.


Maybe it’s the mutterings,
As you pass people by,
They make you think it’s all about you,
every laugh, every word,
It’s all against you,
It causes fear.


Maybe it’s the sound of feet,
So many people you don’t know,
Walking by you like you’re a part of the wall,
Nothing more than a face,
It just makes you feel alone.
It makes you feel scared,
It causes fear.


Maybe it’s not the people,
Maybe it’s your mind,
It makes you feel fear,
Makes you see things unreal,
Makes you hear things people never said.


Your mind is scared of people,
So many people out there,
You can’t escape them as all they ever do is,
Stare, speak and walk.


The way they stare,
The way they speak,
The way they walk,
It makes you feel scared, as your mind is scared to


You are one and you feel the same,
Your mind is made of your thoughts,
The thoughts of fear,
The thoughts of their taunts,
The thoughts of their looks,
You are scared,
It causes fear.


People scare me,
I know that sounds weird.

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