Night with Babe


1. First night alone

" Andrea and Kian

My first night alone with Kian. We had something magical, and I knew it. So I was going to ask my mom if I could stay at kians for the night but we all know how that would turn out since I'm only 17. So I told her I was staying at my best friends house Jen. But I was really at Kians. So I pull up with my car at kians and we kiss, say hello and walk inside. We sat on the couch and started watching movies/tv shows, for like and hour. He fell asleep, I was bored so I went to his room and slept in his bed. Side note : their wasn't any room for me on the couch. So I was asleep for 1 hour and I wake up to screaming. Kian is still on the couch but I hear screaming. So I checked outside no one. At this point I was scared I almost pissed my paints. I thought someone died or something. But I turned away and closed the door and kian is standing right behind me. I said kian your up ? "Yeah I was faking it and he shows me is phone of screaming girls. I was thinking about what to say but before I could say anything me and him started kissing. Radom right ? So I was on the couch with him and I said why did you play that scream. He said to get you out of my bed. I thought wow but we kept kissing. "Let's go to my bed babe"Kian says. Before you know it my whole body stripped down to my feet. This is all happening at 1:10 at night. So we did what all couples do when their naked. Sex and it was awesome!!

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