Give me Hope

"Hi I'm Bethany, I am 16 years old.

I lived with my father, but now I'm heading to Melbourne, Australia to live with my brother.

And my past well that's another story."


2. The Truth...


I always felt sorry for my dad, wondering if he ever would get over mum.


Then it happened I was so confused, all I saw was a huge hand come and hit me in the face. I felt to the floor, I put my hand on my face and all over my hand was blood. My vision was blurry and tears came running down my face. All I could feel was pain coming from my face. I got up and looked around there was my father walking outside with blood all over his hand. 


That's when it all started.

Every moment, he could, he would. It was happening everyday. People were always looking at me funny and friends and classmates were always asking why was always hurt.


I was told to hide it. 


I wore makeup to school trying to forget about it as much as I could. But I was Scared, everyday I had to come home and face my biggest fear. 

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