Give me Hope

"Hi I'm Bethany, I am 16 years old.

I lived with my father, but now I'm heading to Melbourne, Australia to live with my brother.

And my past well that's another story."


4. Settling In

As my brother wipe my tear off my face, I heard a voice a voice that I have never heard before. "Aren't you going to introduce us?", said the tall blonde boy with a cute smile. My brother turned to face him, "Sorry, boys this is my sister Bethany".


They all looked at me and smiled and my brother introduced them. "Bethany, this is Luke, (pointing to the cute blonde boy,) this is Ashton (pointing to the boy with brown eyes and the black headband,) and this is Michael (pointing to boy with crazy, awesome purple hair."


We finally got into the car and it was packed, packed with all my luggage and packed with my brother's friends. My brother let me sit in the front while his three best friends squished in the back. The ride home was about an hour long, it was really awkward no one talked, it was like no one had anything to say.


We finally arrived at home, I was so happy that awkward car ride was over. As all of my brothers friends help unload my luggage from the car my brother showed me my room.


As you walk into the house on right side is the lounge room and if you walk into  the lounge room there a door that leads into the kitchen. Before you enter the lounge room there is stairs leading up to my mine and my brother room, to ensuite bathrooms and the laundry. My room was huge it was painted white and had a lovely home feeling to it.

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