Give me Hope

"Hi I'm Bethany, I am 16 years old.

I lived with my father, but now I'm heading to Melbourne, Australia to live with my brother.

And my past well that's another story."


1. Finally I'm Free

POV (point of view): Beth

*** " Passengers fasten your seat belts, we are now departing London heading to Melbourne, Australia." ***


It was finally happening I am free, the life I used to live is finally coming to an end. I am starting all over again. I lived in London with my father or as I called him idiot. I am now moving to live with my twin brother Calum. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. My dad had custody of me and my mum had my brother. That was the last day I saw him.


About 3 months ago my mother past away which was a good excuse to come live with my brother. The real question was why I was so happy to move in with my brother. It all started around a few years ago when I just turned 11. My father found it really hard to move on when mum left him. He always was getting angry over little things and crying himself to sleep. 

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