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An Agent's Wonder


1. Chapter One

"You didn't!" Bentley yells, shaking his head as he drives away.

"I forgot!" I protest, watching Bentley intensely.

"Guys, we completed the mission. It's fine, so get your head out of your butt and actually be glad." Brody cuts in, turning to look at me from his seat.

"Really, I don't know why I even was supposed to cut the breaks." I shrug, smirking at Bentley from the rearview mirror.

"Drop the sass, Abbott." Bentley gripes as he turns into the agency.

"Please, shut up." Brody groans, rubbing his temples. "I'm already getting a headache and Cel hasn't even yelled at us, yet."

"Boo hoo," I tease with an immature frown. 

Bentley parks his car and carelessly throws open the door. Unfortunately for him, the door scrapes right into our boss's SUV. Bentley curses under his breath. I could hear every word he said, thank you communication headset.

"Bent, your headset is on." Brody snickers as he, much more carefully, exits the car. Bentley quickly rips of the communication set and mumbles something.

"Abbott, get out of my car." Bentley says loudly. Sighing, I step out. Brody heads towards the building with Bentley and I in tow.

"There you are!" Cel says once we get into his meeting room. "Sit, sit. We have to discuss your next mission and your previous one. The co-teams should be here any second, now."

"Thanks, Cel." Brody smiles. Him and Bentley walk through the glass doors and head straight to their chairs. I sit across from Bentley and diagonal from Brody. As we wait a few members of the co-team join us.

"We must discuss your behavior on missions."

We are in so much trouble.

Ello, Lovelies! I have absolute no idea what this app is! I have Wattpad, which is exactly like this...and this a part from one of my stories from it. Yep, so get a Wattpad account and follow me @MoonCrater

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