Nobody Knows||Alex's Backstory

"Nobody knows what I go through every day."
Alex's life is filled with darkness. As the years progress, it just gets worse. She wants to make it stop, but she doesn't know how. Entry for The Dark Light competition.


2. Age 14

First day of high school. I was terrified. Would I fit in? Probably not. I sighed and walked in. I heard people whispering and saw them point at me. I hid my face and kept on walking. I got my schedule and proceeded to my first class, which was math. I suck at math. The teacher assigned me a table to sit at. The person I sat next to was a boy. He had spiky blonde hair, glasses, and porcelain skin. His high cheekbones stuck out and made him look sad. My heart fluttered inside my chest and my legs were weak.

As I sat down, he turned to me and smiled. He introduced himself as Paul Sergick. I laughed a little at his last name. I quickly apologized and turned away. He told me it was fine. During class, he helped me find the answers. Before I knew it, I could do everything by myself.

As the year progressed, Paul and I became close friends. We did everything together. We defended each other from bullies every day. He told me all of his secrets. So did I. Sometimes he would come to school with bruises. I never asked why, I just stayed  his friend. He told me I was the only person who really cared about him. So did I.

 One chilly December afternoon, Paul took me out into the hallway. He brushed away the hair that was in front of my face. Then, he told me he loved me more than anyone in the entire world. Like the idiot I was, I believed him. We shared a small kiss before we went our separate ways.

Before I knew it, the end of the year had come. Paul was the only friend I'd made all year, and my only boyfriend ever. He cared about me and I knew he would never do anything to hurt me. As I cleaned out my locker, I saw him pass by me with a girl. I shrugged. It was probably one of his friends. To my horror, he shared a kiss with her. Right there in front of me. 

When he saw me, he begged for my forgiveness. He insisted that he and the girl were just friends and she had kissed him. I screamed at him, telling him I would never forgive him. He'd betrayed me, cheated on me. He'd broken what was left of my heart. I grabbed all of my stuff and ran outside.

On the bus ride home, I cried and cried. I couldn't believe Paul had done that to me. When I got home, I locked myself in my room. I sat in the corner and hugged my knees, rocking back and forth. After a while, I felt bad. Paul had looked really upset when the girl had kissed him. I decided to call him. I ran downstairs and called him on the home phone. Every time I tried, Ilit kept going to voicemail. I screamed in frustration. I'd been such an idiot. I'd chased the only person who cared about me away. 

I never saw Paul again. He killed himself three days later.

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