Nobody Knows||Alex's Backstory

"Nobody knows what I go through every day."
Alex's life is filled with darkness. As the years progress, it just gets worse. She wants to make it stop, but she doesn't know how. Entry for The Dark Light competition.


1. Age 12

When dad left, our lives fell apart. Mom lost her job. She couldn't take care of me anymore. She wasted the little money we did have on alcohol. She'd come home from the bar every night with a different man. Then, she threw them away like they were a dirty rag. She treated life like it was some game without rules. That all changed when she met him. 

His name was Andrew. Mom met him at a grocery store. He was the clerk. She said it was love at first sight. They got along really well, and he liked me a lot. He moved in about three months after mom met him. Andrew changed mom. Every time he smiled, she would be....better. Andrew made my mom happy, and I wanted it to stay that way.  But deep down, I knew something wasn't right about him. Especially when I was around. He'd always look at me with this hungry look in his eyes; the way a dog would look at a fresh piece of meat. He started to ignore my mom. But she was still obsessed with him. It disgusted me. She fawned over him, did everything he asked her to do.

One night, mom left to run some errands and Andrew and I were alone in the house together. As soon as she left, I ran into my room and locked the door. I could hear Andrew run up after me. I hid under my bed, hoping he wouldn't find me. I screamed as he kicked down my door. He dragged me out from under my bed and threw me against the wall. He tore off my shirt and ran his hands all over my body. I screamed and cried. I begged him to stop, but he just forced me onto the ground. That same hungry look that I'd learned to fear lingered in his eyes. 

I don't know how long he did it to me, but by the end, I just stopped resisting. He was too strong. I couldn't escape. I heard someone coming up the stairs, but Andrew didn't. Mom screamed as she passed my room and saw what he was doing to me. She ran in tore him off me. The rage and pure hatred in her eyes made me cower in fear. Andrew hit her, but she didn't care. She ran out of my room and into her own, leading him away from me. Andrew followed her and I heard them fighting.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the phone, dialing 911. When it was answered, I told the man on the other end my name and our address and told them what happened and what was happening. They rushed over. The cops ran into our house. One of them knelt in front of me and covered me with his coat, telling me everything would be fine. The rest ran upstairs and separated mom and Andrew. They placed Andrew under arrest. Mom came down the stairs with a cut on her forehead. She thanked the police and grabbed me in a big hug. 

When everyone was gone, she started crying. She apologized for being an idiot and not seeing Andrew for who he really was. We sat their on the kitchen floor for what felt like hours, Mom crying and running her fingers through my hair. Me staring off into space, the horrifying events reeling in my brain. 

Andrew was gone, but I knew that our troubles were far from over. They had only just begun. 

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