Ru knew the world was cruel; she learned that the hard way. She thought that she was the only one, but when she met Luke Hemmings and then Calum Hood, everything changed.


34. 32.

Chapter 32


Month 18. Day 19.


Tonight is date night. I’m wearing a white crop top and denim, high waisted shorts. I’m also wearing a black beanie and black Vans. Calum hasn’t told me yet where we’re going, but I’m excited.


I walk out of the bathroom and into the living room, where Calum is waiting for me. He smiles when he sees me and stands up, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.


“You look gorgeous.”


I laugh quietly. “These aren’t even my nice clothes.”


He kisses my head and leads me to the door. “You look gorgeous no matter what you wear.” I blush at his words as he leads me outside and into his car.


“Is this date going to lead us into another big project?” I ask, referring to the last date he took me on: the day he first showed me “Mali’s”.


He laughs and starts the car. “No, no. No more projects. This is an actual date.” I smile and lean back against the seat.


“I wouldn’t mind another project.”


He smiles. “Well, if I find anymore of Mali’s plans for buildings, I’ll let you know.” I laugh quietly and he pulls into the parking lot of a mini-golf place. I smile wide and look at him.




He laughs quietly at my excitement. “Mini-golf.” He parks the car and I hop out, my smile never faltering.


“I can’t believe you’re taking me to mini-golf! This is one of my favorite things ever!” He wraps his arm around my waist and leads me to the line.


“You’ve mentioned it a time or two.” He says with a chuckle.


I blush as we move up in line. I can’t believe he remembered that. I mentioned it like once.


“Welcome to Minnie’s Mini-Golf. How many?” The worker asks us. I recognize the voice and look up: Mikey.


I laugh. “Mikey! I didn’t know you worked here!” He looks up from the counter and smiles.


“Oh, hey guys! And yeah, I’ve been working here for a few months.” He leans back and grabs two golf balls: one pink and one green. “I’m guessing it’s just the two of you?”


“Your guess is correct.” Calum says with a smile.


“That’ll be ten dollars.”


Calum pulls out his wallet and hands Mikey the money. Mikey then hands me the golf balls and Calum the putters. “Thanks man.”


“Anytime.” Mikey says and we walk to the first hole. I set our score card on the stand and watch as Calum sets up his ball.


The first hole is this creepy clown that needs a new paint job. Calum hits the ball and it bounces off of the clown’s cheek. I giggle at the devastated look on Calum’s face. “Better luck next time, Cal.”


“I’d like to see you get it on the first try!” I smirk at his words and line up my ball, only taking a second before hitting it. The ball makes it through the clowns mouth and pops out the other side. It’s not a hole in one, but at least I made it to the other side. “How did you do that?”


I smile. “My dad used to take me to play all the time.” He smiles as he lines up his next shot.


“I like it when you talk about your dad.” He says as he hits the ball softly, making it through the clown’s mouth. “You don’t do that often.”


I shrug as I line up my shot and hit the ball. It rolls into the hole. “I don’t know much about him anymore.”


He lines up his shot and hits the ball, it landing in the hole. I write down a 2 on the scorecard under my name, and a 3 under his. “Yeah, but you had what? Sixteen? Seventeen years with him before they divorced? That’s more than Ashton knew his dad, and he still talks about him.”


“I just figure that if he can live without me, then I can live without him: memories and all.” Calum takes my hand and we walk to the next hole. This one is a dragon, in which you have to get the ball through his whole body.


He lines up his shot. “So that’s what you do when people leave you? You pretend they don’t exist?” I nod as he hits the ball, actually making it all the way through the dragon. “Why is that?”


“It’s just what I know how to do.” I say as I line up my own shot and hit the ball, missing the dragon completely.


“And if we don’t work out?” He asks. I freeze and look up to meet his eyes. “What if we have to break up? Will you pretend that I never existed?”


“Are you planning to break up with me?” I ask and he hits his ball, making it in the hole. I write a 2 under his name.


“No, no.” He watches as I line up my shot and hit the ball, missing the dragon yet again. This conversation is messing me up. “I’m just curious.”


“It depends on how we break up, I guess.” I hit the ball again, this time, making it through the dragon.


If we break up.” He says.


“It depends on how we break up if we break up.” I repeat. “If we break up.”

After a year in therapy, I’m thinking about my dad… Again.

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