Ru knew the world was cruel; she learned that the hard way. She thought that she was the only one, but when she met Luke Hemmings and then Calum Hood, everything changed.


23. 22.

Chapter 22


Month 17. Day 1.


“And you’re just now telling me that you went on a date with Calum!?”


It’s been three days since Calum and I went on our roller skating date. I’ve been dreading telling Luke about me dating Calum, but I want to get it over with before things between Calum and I get more serious. I mean, he’s my best friend! I can’t keep something like this from him forever.


“Luke, let me explain.” I say.


We’re sitting in our room; me on the bed and Luke pacing back and forth. So far, this isn’t going well.


“What is there to explain, Ru? You went on a date with CALUM of all people and you don’t tell me!? What if he had hurt you? What if he isn’t the guy you think he is and he took you to a dark alley and killed you?”


I stand up. “He wouldn’t do that.”


“How do you know!? You barely even know the guy!” He’s in my face, his breath hot on my lips.


“I know him better than you do! You haven’t even given him a chance!”


His hands grip my waist and I push him away. “Don’t you dare touch me while you’re pissed like this. Calum is a good guy and you would know that if you would stop being a dick to him.”


“Well I’m sorry that I’ve hated the guy ever since he asked you why you were alive.”


I sigh and rake my hands through my hair. “He said it to me, ok? And if I can forgive him and move past it, then you should be able to as well.”


His blue eyes pierce mine. “Maybe I don’t want to move past it; maybe I want to hold it against him.”


“But why?” I ask. “What do you achieve by holding that against him?”


“If I hold it against him, he’ll know that if he threatens the most important person to me ever again, he’s going to have to face me.”


I roll my eyes. “He didn’t even threaten me. And what are you going to do? Punch him?”


He nods. “Exactly.” I sigh.


“You’re overreacting.”


“You know what, Ru? Forget it. Have fun with your fuck boy.” He starts to turn away and I laugh.


“Fuck boy!? You think Calum’s a fuck boy? You’re sadly mistaken.”


He shakes his head at me. “I thought I knew who you were, Ru.” With that, he leaves the room.

After a year in therapy, I’m in a fight with my best friend.

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