Ru knew the world was cruel; she learned that the hard way. She thought that she was the only one, but when she met Luke Hemmings and then Calum Hood, everything changed.


22. 21.

Chapter 21


Month 16. Day 29.


I am probably the happiest girl on the entire planet. And that’s not something I say very often.


But I’m saying it now because Calum and I have been acting like a couple for a whole WEEK. Of course, we’ve been keeping it on the down low: we want to get to know each other better before we let everyone know. What’s the point of getting everyone (aka Luke) all upset if what we have isn’t going to last? It was my idea, but Calum agreed all the way.


But yeah, we’ve been kissing and cuddling and hanging out together in his room every day while the other boys are out doing whatever it is they do. He’s an amazing guy, and I’m so glad he took an interest in me. I can’t believe the difference between the guy I met at therapy who asked why I wasn’t dead, to the guy who now keeps me alive.


We’re laying on Calum’s bed; our bodies are pressed together. Calum is playing Skyrim on his XBox and I’m watching. I’m not really sure what the point of this game is, but whatever makes him happy.


“No, no, no, no!” He yells, making me jump.


“What did you do?”


“I killed my friend! Now I have to restart this whole mission over again.”


“Well why did you kill him?”


He looks at me. “It’s not like I meant to. He got in the way and I didn’t realize it was him.”


I shrug. “Sorry. I guess you’ll just have to be more careful next time.” He rolls his eyes playfully and kisses my head.


“Look at you pretending to care.”


I laugh. “I do care; I just don’t understand the game yet.”


“This game is probably one of the easiest games out there.”


“It just looks boring.” I say and his jaw drops.


“You’re kidding me, right?”


I shrug, “it looks boring to me.”


He shakes his head. “Sorry Ru, we can’t be friends anymore.” I pout and look at him.


“All because I think your game is boring?” He nods but smiles, making me smile.


“Yes, all because you think Skyrim is boring.”


I roll my eyes playfully, “now I know how much I really mean to you.”


He smiles and pauses his game. He sets his controller down on the bedside table and leans over and kisses me. The kiss lasts only about a minute, but when he pulls away, I’m smiling.


“You mean a lot to me, Ru. A lot. And there’s no way I would ever give you up that easily.”


I blush and smile. "You better not." He laughs.


"I couldn't give you up that easily. There's no way I possibly could."


I watch as he exits out of his game and turns off the Xbox. He turns the tv off and sets the controller on the bedside table.


"So, what do you wanna do?" I ask him and he smiles.


"Oh you know, take you out on a date."


I look at him, shocked. "Wait, are you being serious?"


He smiles and nods. "Absolutely serious. So, what do you say?"


I smile. "Yeah, sounds like a plan."




Thirty minutes later, I'm standing in line at the roller rink. There's not many people in line: just a few couples. Calum is holding my hand and I can't stop blushing.


"Have you ever been roller skating before?" He asks me and I nod.


"I mean, I was little; I haven't been recently."


"Think you still know how?"


I smile. "Of course I do."


He raises an eyebrow. "Think you can keep up with me?"


I nod fast. "Absolutely."


He laughs and we step up to the counter. Calum makes a deal of holding my hand while he reaches for his wallet. "I'll take a size 11 and a...." He looks at me.


"Six." I say and the guy goes into the back and grabs our skates. We take off our shoes and exchange them for the skates. Calum leads me over to a bench and we put our skates on. I start to tie mine, but he stops me.


"Let me tie them; I can probably get them tighter than you can. You know, cause I'm stronger."


I roll my eyes but let him tie my skates. When he's done, he helps me up (even though I don't need the help) and pulls me onto the rink.


It takes me a minute or so to keep my balance just right; I mean the last time I was on roller skates, I was like five.


We skate together; our hands intertwined. We stay quiet, and it's not that awkward kind that everyone talks about. It's comfortable and I like it. I like not having the pressure to talk and keep a conversation going. I love that I don't have to worry about Calum getting bored because I don't like talking. We're kind of the same person in a way.


Justin Timberlake's Not a Bad Thing is playing over the speakers. I'm not too big of a Timberlake fan, but this song isn't the worst. Calum's humming quietly and I take my eyes off of the floor and look at him.


He smiles and sings, "So don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with meeeeeeeee, meeeeee, me."


I laugh and shake my head. "No, stop. You can't sing."


He gasps. "I'm a good singer! You obviously don't have a good ear. I think you need to go see a doctor."


"A doctor? My hearing is perfectly fine. I always pass the hearing tests."


"Well then you need to get a better taste in music. I'm sure you think Justin Bieber has a good voice. Oh! You're one of those people who like country music, aren't you?"


I smile. "First off: Justin Bieber does have a good voice. And two, country music isn't half as bad as people make it seem."


He makes a face. "Gross. Country music is the worst."


"You're gross. Luke Bryan is amazing and he sings country songs. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are like goddesses and they both sing country songs."


"Yeah but all country songs talk about beer and tractors and shit like that."


I raise an eyebrow. "And don't rock and roll songs talk about sex and drugs and shit like that?"




I laugh and let go of his hand, skating ahead of him. I mean, for God’s sake, the three year olds are passing us; and plus, I want to give Cal a run for his money. I skate fast and turn the corner, looking over my shoulder at him. He gives me a look and speeds up. I try to skate even faster, but his legs are longer than mine, so he reaches out and grabs my waist, pulling my back against the front of his body.


I laugh. “You better not make us fall!”


He smiles and buries his face in my neck. “I’m not gonna let you fall.” I smile and shiver when he presses his lips to my neck.


I start to get this warm feeling in my body so I pull away and skate fast yelling, “race ya!”


After a year in therapy, I’m on a date.

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