Ru knew the world was cruel; she learned that the hard way. She thought that she was the only one, but when she met Luke Hemmings and then Calum Hood, everything changed.


15. 14.

Chapter 14


Month 15. Day 28.


Today is move in day for Calum. Luke had told Mikey and Ashton what Calum had said to me, but I made sure he also told them not to deny him the place to stay.


I’m sitting on the couch in sweats and a tank top when Calum walks in the door, a box in his hands. He doesn’t notice me as he carries his box back to the fourth bedroom. Ashton and Mikey walk in, carrying more of Calum’s boxes. When they finish unloading everything, the four boys sit in places around the living room. Luke wraps his arm around my shoulders and I lean into him as we all sit in silence.


And after a few minutes, Calum opens his mouth, “so Ru, he’s not your boyfriend?”


Luke and I both shake our heads, “no, I’m not her boyfriend. But I don’t want you to say anything to her like you said the other day at group. I won’t hesitate to kick your ass.” Mikey and Ashton look between us and Mikey smirks.


“I have to agree with Hood. It does look like you two are dating.”


“Well we’re not.” Luke states and the topic is dropped.


“You guys going to therapy today?” Calum asks after a few minutes of silence. Again, Luke and I both shake our heads. “Why not?”


“I was only going to see Ru, and Ru was only going because her mom was making her. She doesn’t live with her mom anymore, so we’re not going.”


“Why?” Calum asks, looking at me. “I’m not trying to be a dick, but you never talk, I think you need to go to therapy. At least until you feel like talking again.”


“I only talk to people who deserve to be talked to.” I say, and I cringe at how strange my voice sounds.


“You just talked to me.” Calum points out and I shake my head.


“She was talking to me; you just happened to hear her.” Luke says and I nod my head in agreement.


“So you talk to Luke but nobody else?” Ashton asks. I look over and can see the confusion on his face. I nod, answering his question. “What did Luke do to get you to talk to him?”


I shrug as Luke says, “I accepted her for who she was. I respected her choice to not talk and I didn’t persist her with questions.” He pauses. “Well, sometimes I did. But if she didn’t want to answer, I didn’t press her to.”


“So, we just have to give you your space and you’ll start talking to us?” Mikey asks.


I shake my head, hold up one finger, and quickly write down my response. I don’t want space; I want people to talk to me. I just don’t want to talk to anyone. Earn my trust and I might talk to you.”


I pass my notebook to Mikey, who reads it and then passes it to Ashton, who reads it and passes it to Calum. He reads it then looks up at me. “Ru, you are a hell of a mystery.”


After a year in therapy, I’m making friends.

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