Ru knew the world was cruel; she learned that the hard way. She thought that she was the only one, but when she met Luke Hemmings and then Calum Hood, everything changed.


13. 12.

Chapter 12


Month 15. Day 25. Continued.


Luke stands up once we know for sure that my mother is gone, and walks over to my dresser. I pick up the notebook to ask him what he’s doing, but by then, he’s already begun to open up the drawers. I’m curious as to what he plans on doing, so I stand there and watch him as he looks through my clothes.


After a minute or two of looking, he pulls out at least three changes of clothes and three sets of pajamas.


“You can grab your undergarments.” he says and sets the clothes on my bed. He opens my closet, almost as if he can tell where all of my things are, and pulls out the duffle bag that I used to use when going on vacation. I’m still frozen in place as I watch him set my clothes in the bag.


He looks over at me. “Ru? Undergarments? Girly bathroom products? Come on, we need to be out of here before she comes back.” Even though I’m still not sure about this whole thing, I walk to my dresser and pull out a few sets of undergarments and put them in the bag. I grab my deodorant, hair brush and straightener, and a few ponytail holders and stuff them into my make-up case. I then walk to the bathroom and grab my travel shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from the cabinet, and then grab my razor and toothbrush.


When I walk back into my room, Luke is laying on my bed. He looks up at me and watches as I put my toiletries into the duffel bag. I grab a couple beanies from my dresser and shove them, along with a couple flannels, into the duffel bag. I grab a few pairs of socks and a couple pairs of converse, and stick them in the bag as well.


When I’m done with that, I pack up my laptop with it’s charger, my iPod and headphones, and shove my phone charger into my purse. I make sure to grab Pretending off of my bedside table and tuck it into my purse as well. I go through a list in my head of all the things I’ll most likely need in the next couple days, and when I have everything packed, Luke stands up, and picks up my duffel bag.


I’m about to protest, but Luke shakes his head at me, and motions for me to head downstairs. I put my purse over my shoulder and lead him out of the house. I watch as he puts my duffel bag into the trunk of his car and then we both get in.


I look back at the house as Luke pulls away from the curb, half excited and half nervous to see what lies ahead.




It only takes about twenty minutes to get to Luke’s house. It’s a dingy little place, but surprisingly, it makes me feel more at home than my own house does. Luke grabs my duffle from the trunk then takes my hand and leads me inside.


“Just a warning, I live here with a couple of my friends…” He sends me a cheeky smile, almost as if he meant to tell me this information earlier but forgot. I shrug and he chuckles. “Most girls would be freaking out right now.” I shake my head, even though I’m freaking out inside. It’s not because they’re boys, but because they’re actual human beings. After not interacting with anybody but my mother, June, and Luke for over a year, being around all these new people is giving me anxiety.


The house seems to be quiet as Luke leads me through the house. He walks to what I assume is his bedroom, and sets my bag down on the floor. I do the same with my purse.


“It’s not much, but it’s got to be better than what’s waiting for you at home.” He says. “You can have my bed, I’ll just sleep on the couch.”


I shake my head, pulling out my notebook. “There’s no way I’m letting you give up your bed for me.”


“Yes, Ru, you’re taking my bed and I don’t want to hear another word about it.” We look at each other before busting out laughing.


“Okay, okay, that wasn’t the best thing to say.” He admits, making me laugh again.


“Why don’t we just share the bed?” I show him and he looks at me.


“I-I didn’t know if you’d be comfortable with that.”


I roll my eyes, “weren’t you just taking a nap in my bed? Besides, why have one of us be uncomfortable on the couch when we can both be comfortable in the bed?”


He smiles at this and hugs me. I hug him back, which surprises us both, but we don’t pull away from each other for about a minute.


“Luke!” someone yells and I look up at Luke.


“Just my friends,” he says quietly to me. He leads me out of his room and into the living room, where two guys are taking off their shoes.


One of the guys is tall, like Luke, and has a head full of bright red hair. He’s very pale and a little scary looking. Maybe it’s the contrast of his white skin to his tomato colored hair; I don’t know. He’s wearing an Arctic Monkeys sleeveless shirt, that has rips around the collar, and rough looking black skinny jeans.


The other guy is shorter than Luke, but not by much. He has a mop of unruly dirty-blonde hair, which he has pushed back with a blue bandana. He’s much tanner than the first boy and looks a few years older than Luke. He’s wearing a gray, long-sleeved shirt and black skinny jeans.


The red head is carrying a box of pizza, which he flings down on the “dining room” table (it isn’t much of a dining room, just the table). When they’re both done tripping over each other to set things down, they look over at Luke and I.


The tan boy smiles. “So this is why you haven’t been home much the past couple days.”


I blush and Luke wraps his arm protectively around my shoulders. “Yeah, this is Ru. Ru, this is Ashton and Michael.” He points to the tanner boy first and then to the red head. I lean into Luke and wave slightly at them. They study me for a minute, making me blush more.


“Guys,” Luke says. “She’s A, not a science experiment, and B, not a piece of meat. You can stop looking at her like that.”


They both snap out of their gaze and Michael perks up. “Oh yeah, I brought home pizza.” The two make themselves busy by opening up the pizza box and piling a few pieces onto plates that were already sitting out on the table.


“Don’t be nervous around them,” Luke whispers in my ear. “They’re both complete goofballs.” This makes me giggle and Luke leads me over to the table, and we each get a plate full of pizza. He then leads me over to the couch and we both sit down. Michael and Ashton are already eating, Michael sitting in what looks like a gamer’s chair, and Ashton on a kitchen chair.


We eat in silence, which I can’t tell whether it’s comfortable or awkward. I take the chance to look around the room and to study each of the boys. When we’re done eating, Luke takes all of our plates and throws them away.


He’s leading me back towards his room when Michael says, “oh, by the way, we found someone to take up that fourth bedroom.”


Luke looks back at him. “Really? Who?” Michael shrugs.


“Some guy we met at the video game store. He said he knew you.”


“Did he tell you his name?” Luke asks, raising an eyebrow.


Ashton speaks up, “yeah, he said his name is Calum Hood.”


Luke looks at me as my eyes widen. Calum? Living here? This wasn’t going to be good.


After a year in therapy, I’m out of my mother’s house….. And living with three, soon to be four, boys.

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