The Dandelion farm.

'' How can you be so okay with this shit.'' I ask looking up into his eyes, '' Ive had a whole eighteen years to accept the fact that this is what I am meant to do. When you arrived here.. You changed me. I knew I had to be here to help you but you made me want to, with you it didn't feel like a duty it felt like an honor. If dying means doing the right thing for you, I would do it a million times over again.


6. The next logical step

Melody's point of view) " I have never even kissed someone like that before " I said pulling further into his chest. We were now laying on the bed in deep conversation about everything, but mainly we both felt the need to give outrageous details about ourselves after our passionate confession for one another. " What you mean you've never kissed someone this good looking?" He joked causing us both to chuckle, " No dumbass I mean I've never kisses someone I loved." I answered honestly, He smiled as our eyes never left each other. " Are you sad about Zayn?" I asked bitting my lip in fear that I had gone to far, He frowns looking down. Shit way to go Melody, " Yea.. I am but I've had so much time to really prepare for this. I guess I saw it coming." He said his last words sparking something in me, " Well if you know all these people are going to die why just sit here and wait around Lets do something about it." I said standing up and crossing my arms, " We've officially been together one whole day, Look its midnight." He says showing me his phone with a wide grin. He's got to be joking, theres no way he's serious. I snatch his phone from him and throw it back on the bed, He sighs slowly closing his eyes. " Look.. Im going to die either way so whats the point." He said his eyes still closed, " The point is that I'll know that you didn't leave this planet without a fight! don't you at least want to try?!" I yell stomping one of my feet like an angry toddler. " Shhh Mel please, I've already put us in so much danger by telling you." He says standing up and holding on to my arms which are still firmly crossed. " Your already going to die anyway so whats the point right?" I said before leaving and slamming the door behind me. How could he not care? My thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang downstairs. I quickly followed the noise to the kitchen to find Louis and Liam in a complete brawl and Niall watching in horror. what the actual fuck! " Niall do something! " I yell, " They have been keeping this in for so long it was bound to happen." He replies bitting into an apple, Fine I will do it myself I thought. Just as I was about to pull louis from on top of Liam a strong pair of arms lifted me up and placed me away from the fight. " Not a good Idea baby." Harry said before pulling the two boys apart " well look who finally decided to show up." Niall said glaring at Harry before crossing his arms. " Niall Don't start you shit." Liam said pointing in his direction, Niall shrugged putting both his hands in the air. We stood in awkward silence for what felt like a lifetime. " Your hair grew.." Louis said to Harry killing the silence. Thank god. Harry chuckled " Yea but you didn't." He said causing us all to fall into a laughing fit, " wanker." Louis said playfully elbowing him. I know it must be awkward for them but it feels good to see them like this. I smiled at their interaction before leaning into Harry, " Where are the girls?" I asked before yawning. " Sleeping." Niall said , I nodded. I wonder if they knew the boys were fighting. " You should sleep." Harry said kissing my forehead, I smiled before waving goodbye to the boys. I tried to pull Harry with me but he was stiff, I turned around confused. " I think Im gonna stay down here and catch up. Is that okay?" He asked with a nervous tone, I smiled " of course, I love you." I said Turning around and walking away, " I love you too." He said before watching me leave

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