The Dandelion farm.

'' How can you be so okay with this shit.'' I ask looking up into his eyes, '' Ive had a whole eighteen years to accept the fact that this is what I am meant to do. When you arrived here.. You changed me. I knew I had to be here to help you but you made me want to, with you it didn't feel like a duty it felt like an honor. If dying means doing the right thing for you, I would do it a million times over again.


1. The first seed planted

'' If I were to be anything in his world it would be a Dandelion. The reason being is that no matter who's holding me or blowing my petals my fate is in the winds hands. Wherever the wind takes me is where I'm meant to be. Its pure fate, my future belongs to the wind ''



Melody's Point of View) 

' What! No way '' I yelled crossing my arms and looking at my mom from across the room. '' Melody this is happening weather you like it or not. Now go and pack you bags.'' She said her voice weak like she had no more strength left in her. I hated this, I hated doing this to my family but I didn't know any other way. My name is Melody Rose Crosby I'm seventeen years old, I live in England and I am known as the trouble of the family.  Today was it, My Mum had had enough of me. We'd just gotten back  from the police station where she picked me up, I had been caught with my friends and I was driving drunk and we were all smoking pot. Not that I cared. Apparently someone at the station  had told My Mum about some program. A program for kids like me, Troubled kids. But the thing is Im not at all troubled. I am Just a kid trying to have fun, trying to live in the moment. Some stuck up bitch rents out her massive ass house to this '' teen program.'' I have yet to understand what this Program exactly is and My Mum refuses to tell me. I run upstairs slamming my door behind me and thinking of ways to get out of this. Where was I going to stay? How long ? Will I be able to go outside? All these thoughts were seriously giving me brain damage.  I sigh sitting on the edge of my bed, I can't help but think of my dad when ever me and my mom fight. He always knew how to make things right... 


'' DADDY!!'' I squealed as my dad lifted me into the air like an airplane, I laughed as he made the engines noise spinning me around the room. He chuckled before placing me down on his lap, '' I gotta be careful, one day my little baby might be flying off.. becoming a big girl.'' He said sighing, I made a disgusted face before grabbing his lip with my finger, '' Big girls are mean like mummy..'' I said now squeezing his nose, '' Now now muffin, you have to stop this with your mum. She just wants whats best for you.'' He said giving me a stern look, '' Promise me you'll always listen to mummy?'' he said not breaking eye contact. I nodded before embracing him in a hug, ''I promise daddy. ''

the end 


 '' Fuck it'' I whispered as I started to pack my bags. 


'' You know this is something I don't want to do Mel...'' My mom said pulling up to the programs building. '' Yea whatever.'' I muttered If she really cared she would take me the fuck home. '' I know things have been hard since he passed.'' she said her voice cracking and tears spilling down her  face, I can't fucking do this. I can't. '' Mom Just send me a card or something '' I spat exiting the car and grabbing my bag out of the trunk. I turned around to face the building when a bald man wearing fancy clothes and glasses was suddenly a foot away from me. '' ahh Melody, welcome. '' He said smiling at me. I watched as he looked back at my mom who was still crying in the car. '' Let me take you too you're room.'' He smiled guiding me inside the massive house. I rolled my eyes. I followed the man inside the large house. I'm not gonna fuck around this place was pretty impressive, I looked around to see the place looked pretty much empty there was literally no one outside there rooms. " Everyone's in set aside right now." He said reading my mind. What the hell was set aside? I thought a confused look on my face. He guided me to the small elevator in the house. Roommates? great. " He never comes out anyway though." He said as the elevator opened to the second floor. Who the fuck is he talking about? We walked down a hallway that lead to a door at the end. " Thats your room" He said clapping his hands together with a wide smile, why is he so freaking happy? " Your bags should be coming up soon."
He said before walking away. Nice. I walked up to the door before slowly turning the handle. The room was pretty cool, The walls were painted a deep shade of red and the room was covered in book shelves. Across the room was one bed and the other side had a bed too, I thought it was weird they were facing each other but still so far away. I walked towards the bed next to the patio on one side of the room. " Mine" A deep voice startled me, I turned around to see a boy sitting in a chair holding a book that he slammed shut when I looked at it. " Thats my side of the room, Not to be a dick or anything" He said. I nodded unable to speak, I walked to the other side of the room and sat on the other bed. He copied me sitting at the edge of his, so we were facing each other. "I'm Harry." He smiled crossing his arms. I nodded Just staring at him, I gave him a couple of glares while we sat in awkward silence in hopes of scaring him away. Fuck.. This usually works I give people my famous 'look' and they know to leave me alone but this guy is just awkwardly grinning at me like I just gave him a million dollars. '' Are you just going to stare at me all day?'' I spat crossing my legs and picking at my nails, Oh god I hope he doesn't get mad and just leaves me alone, oh dear god. '' I never got you're name.'' He said giving me a playful glare, is he serious? '' Its Melody, Now you never answered my question.'' I said leaning further into the bed with my arm, '' No I am not going to stare at you all day, you're rather boring anyway.'' He said finally leaving me alone and reaching behind him before pulling open his laptop. I almost wish he would of continued the conversation so I wouldn't be bored and left alone. I sighed leaning into the unfamiliar bed. I closed my eye picturing myself in my shitty old room waiting for one of my friends to pick me up for a night out. I felt him walking towards me, I quickly sat up to see him inches away from me with his laptop in his hand. what the fuck? '' Movie?'' He said sitting next to me. 

' Fuck it ' I thought leaning back against the bed as he joined me. 


As the lockdown of the house came to an end a loud bell went through the house and light footsteps were heard. I looked over at Harry who had lost interest in the movie and was now reading the same book that he was when I first came in. I sighed standing up " What is there to do here anyway " I said, He looked sad and almost heat broken at the mention of leaving the room he looked like he was going to speak but its almost like something stopped him and he remained  quiet. I rolled my eyes. I walk outside the room not knowing what to expect, why do we have to have roommates anyway? I walked towards the elevator deciding I was going to have a little tour. When I reached the second floor I Noticed a group of people sitting in what I was guessed was the living room area. " Hello" A boy with brown hair and brown eyes said waving at me. I looked at him and his group of friends, a day ago I would of flipped him off and kept walking. But I have no Idea where to walk, " hey" I said walking towards him. " You must be new, I'm Liam" He said smiling, " This is Rose my roommate and our friends Louis and Anna, Niall, and Zayn and Cristha He said introducing the group of friends surrounding him. I guess the blonde one doesn't have a Roomate yet. Hi" I waved sitting down. " You must be 724's Roomate." Rose whispered leaning in, " Who?" I asked confused as ever. I had a feeling she was referring to Harry, But Why on earth did she call him 724? " Well you're room number is 724 and your roommate has never been outside the room. So that's what we call him." She said proud of her little invented name for him." Yea he's my roommate." I said picking at my nails and rolling my eyes. They all nodded but discontinued the conversation at the notice of my annoyance. God these people were boring, Zayn was pretty cool but only cause he didn't gossip and kept his fucking mouth shut. About twenty minutes later Anna was still talking about how hungry she was. all of the sudden a group of men walked in the main room carrying large boxes into the elevator. Soon after the men came a tall woman who was wearing a doctor's uniform. " Room 724 Is closed until further notice" the same man the showed me to my room announced. What the fuck? Thats my room. I looked at Zayn and he gave me a sympathetic smile. What the fuck goes on here? I looked at Rose and Cristha Who had the same look on her face as me, Finally someone finds this just as odd. Louis Looked like someone had run over his cat. " Thats it." I whispered Walking up to the elevator, Im sick and tired of the awkward stares. Im going to find out what's going on, Is something wrong with Harry? As the elevator opened to the second floor I was greeted by A lady with lots of Tattoos and short Lilac hair. She looked like she was in her thirties which was odd for her ' look' 
" Melody " She said smiling and motioning for me to follow her. How the fuck does everyone know my name? 
We walked past my room where I head muffled voices, She lead me to what I guessed was her office. " Please Have a seat. She said smiling I nodded sitting across from her. " This Program is for people you're age who have.. let's say emotional problems. Tough times facing reality." She said leaning back into her seat. Ouch Fucking ouch, Who is she to tell me what my problems are? Fuck this bitch. " We have a set of rules Im sure you are unaware of, So I will list them to ya yeah?" She said looking me dead in the eye, I nodded not sure if I was ready to hear this. " Rule number one, Don't question to many things. Questions lead to curiosity and Curiosity Leads to trouble." She said standing up and walking around the room. " Rule Number two, When you see those men and the lockdown of your room. That means Stay out until further notice."

" Do not ask your roommate about What happens during a lockdown" 

" Do as you are told or face the consequences" 

'' and finally you will only be aloud to leave once you have reached the regret stage''


 What the fuck am I doing here, these people are crazy. " That will be all" She smiled sitting back down, I rolled my eyes walking out of the room as fast as I could. What the hell.


Thank you for reading the first chapter of probably my book. I've been working on this book since I 2014 and poured my heart in soul changing the plot many times and editing chapters until I perfected them. I really hope you enjoy this book it really is something I worked very hard on and Im very grateful to anyone who reads even just this on chapter xx  Kyla 



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