The Dandelion farm.

'' How can you be so okay with this shit.'' I ask looking up into his eyes, '' Ive had a whole eighteen years to accept the fact that this is what I am meant to do. When you arrived here.. You changed me. I knew I had to be here to help you but you made me want to, with you it didn't feel like a duty it felt like an honor. If dying means doing the right thing for you, I would do it a million times over again.


4. The big reveal

Harry's point of view)  I walk back to my bed tears still streaming down my face, I need it. I need to read it to remember that I am doing the right thing, to know that my life has a purpose. I life up my pillow as my hands are shaking as I open the diary that was given to me when I arrived here. The diary from my mother, I sigh slowing sitting on the bed and opening the second page. I look up at the title of the page ' The reason mummy left ' I don't know how many times I've read this page, but it always feels like the first time. 

' Mrs Teasdale will keep you safe, she owns the program and you will be taken care of by only the best doctors available. You will have everything you need but your purpose there is very simple. Teach the girl the lessons she needs to learn, let me explain. When you turn 18 you will be given a roommate, she will be a dangerous with a foul mouth and not much of a future. She will probably have a reason for being the way she is but try not make her hate you. Earn her trust Harry get inside her heart change her, make her the better person everyone knows she can be. You will know you are close to the end of the program when you are getting sicker. I know this does not make any sense but with your condition Harry you will only live to 25. So you are doing this girl a favor. This program is for boys with your conditions to be able to make something out of there lives, to be able to give back to someone else.' 

this chapter takes you into the past. With Harry's Mom and why he ended up where he is today...


Anne's Point of view) Come on now love we've got to get you're checkup today, I told Harry as I buckled his seatbelt. He did a little dance causing me to chuckle before sitting in the drivers seat. I checked my makeup in the mirror before staring the car. I smiled driving through cheshire, its always been my favorite place on earth and I absolutely love it. I hope one day Harry will make some of the best memories here just like I did. 


We arrived at the doctors and I looked back at Harry to see he was fast asleep. He looked so cute my little angel, I silently got out of the car and opened the back to unbuckle his seat belt. I watched as he slowly blinked before realizing we had arrived, He smiled '' yay!'' he cheered stretching out his arms for me to pick him up. I laughed lifting him and taking him inside, I walked up to the woman in the middle of the doctors office who sat in a round desk. she smiled waving at Harry and I looked down to see him waving at her. '' We have a twelve o'clock appointment with Dr. Walburey.'' I said letting Harry down and holding his hand, '' Yes of course she's the second door to the left. '' she said giving me a warm smile. I nodded walking in the direction she pointed, '' are you excited ?'' I said looking down at Harry. He nodded hopping toward the door. Harry never fails to surprise me every single day. you would think a child his age would be terrified of the doctors but Harry absolutely loves it. We walked into the room and I sat Harry down on the metal table. about five minutes later Dr. Walburey walked in holding a clip board with all of Harry's information.  '' Hello Little Harry how are you.'' She said ruffling his hair. '' Goop'' Harry said attempting to say good, I smiled at their interaction before looking back at the Dr , Right today were going to run a couple of test to make sure that everything is going well. She said looking at the clipboard, '' Is there anything I should know before we start, anything specific you want to test?'' she said looking down at Harry and then back at me. '' mummy...heart'' Harry said touching his chest. I remembered the last month Harry had been complaining about pain in his chest but I thought nothing of it. '' Ah yes Harry did mention he's been having a bit of pain in his chest area.'' I said watching concern appear on her face. '' Hmm lets see.'' she said removing the stethoscope from her neck and using it to listen to his chest. She seemed to be okay until.. she reached his heart.  I saw something no one ever wants to see on their doctors face. fear. '' Whats wrong?'' I asked now terrified, She didn't reply she had a scared look on her face. '' I don't know.'' she finally spoke picking up the clipboard. '' We need to scan him. Immediately. and get some blood test.'' she said trying to put on a brave face, but I could see something was wrong.  I nodded holding pulling Harry into my arms, I hope everything is okay. I love him so much, I can't let anything happen to him. She walked out of the room and I knew our lives were about to change. 



            Two weeks later... 



Anne's point of view) '' Bye Love!'' I said waving to Harry as he walked into the daycare center. He smiled waving and holding onto the teachers hand as he walked in. I smiled turning around and walking towards my car, Just as I was about to open the car door I actions were interrupted by the sound of the cell phone ringing. I sighed taking the phone out of my pocket and pressing it against my ear. '' Hello '' I said before a light cough, '' Yes is this Anne Styles?'' and unfamiliar female voice said. '' Umm yes may I ask who I'm speaking to? ''  I said getting into my car. '' Yes this is a nurse from Woodernbridge hospital. I'm calling in regards of your son Harry.'' She said making my heart jump out of my chest. '' y-yes..'' I said leaning in to the drivers seat, please let everything be okay. '' Im sorry to inform you that your son has  myo-deterioration.'' She slowly spoke. Oh my god, this can't be happening, I couldn't even process what she had just told me before I just burst into tears. '' Is h-e going to be o-kay?'' I said the words barely escaping my mouth. '' It's not common for people with his condition but there is somewhere I know of where he could go and get the treatment he needs.'' She said her tone flat,  I nodded franticly forgetting she couldn't see me. '' Please. '' I finally spoke. 

Harrys point of view)

I slam the book shut and quickly wipe away the tears falling down my face. Here in this program I am constantly being told this is what I am meant to do. And until Melody I never felt this way. I want to do this for her, but I don't want to leave her. Not now or never, Im beginning to fall for her. Perhaps its the responsibility of making sure Im doing whats best for her that has drawn me in so deep or maybe just her. Knowing that Im one of the only people who would never want to change her and truly accepting who she is causes me to fall deeper and deeper. Knowing Im here on this earth only for her, true love has no other definition. No other form than true acceptance and sacrifice. But how could this be from my mother? who claims to only want the best for me? I have no knowledge of parenthood but I know I could never send a child of mine to a program like this, no matter how sick. My thoughts are interrupted by a scream from downstairs, " Melody" I scream running downstairs in a panic.

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