The Dandelion farm.

'' How can you be so okay with this shit.'' I ask looking up into his eyes, '' Ive had a whole eighteen years to accept the fact that this is what I am meant to do. When you arrived here.. You changed me. I knew I had to be here to help you but you made me want to, with you it didn't feel like a duty it felt like an honor. If dying means doing the right thing for you, I would do it a million times over again.


2. Forget the regret

Melody's point of view) I returned back to cole and the rest of what were the only people I could call my friends. I sat in complete silence still unaware of what the hell that lady was talking about. To be honest the way she spoke about this program I was starting to wonder if it was legal or not. Out of all the things she spoke about the ' regret stage' was the one thing that kept replaying in my head. Maybe because its my ticket out of here or because of its unsettling title. Either way the thought of what it could be was eating me up. Maybe if I got to the regret stage I could get out of here early, maybe its my shortcut. '' Whats the regret stage?'' I asked causing everyone to give me s shocked expression for even bringing it up. Liam and Louis started to get nervous while Anna and Rose looked at them the same way I did. How come all the women in this place know nothing? And what are the men hiding? '' Didn't she tell you not to ask questions?'' Liam said getting up and taking Rose with him, woah. How the fuck did he know that.  '' Room seven twenty-four is now unlocked. ''  A voice from the loud speaker spoke, finally I can see what the hell went on. I ignored Anna and Louis's sympathetic looks and bolted for the elevator. I was going to find out what they were doing in there, Harry was going to tell me. He has to.

The elevator door opened up to the second floor and I couldn't have ran faster. I opened the door to find Harry sound asleep on his bed. I walked towards him to see how peaceful he was, his curly hair sprawled out on the bed and his arms crossed with this shoes still on. No one cared to put the blanket over him? I slowly put the sheets over him trying not to wake him as best as I could. He can tell me when he wakes up, It seems almost illegal to wake him up like this. I looked over at his dresser and saw the book that he had been reading when I left him. I decided to just have a peek at it, I just want to know why he was so consumed by it. I picked up the book to see that it in fact was not a book It was a diary but not his. 


'' My Dearest Harry, Its your Mummy. I hope that when you are reading this its not with tears in your eyes. Son I am so sorry I left you there. Mummy is so sorry, But its where you belong they are going to protect you keep you safe because mommy couldn't.. I love you. '' 


I closed the book when I heard Harry shuffle in his sleep. I quickly put it back the nightstand before he opened his eyes. '' Hello'' he smirked his voice raspy from just waking up. '' Hi '' I squeaked. '' When I said I needed something ruined, I didn't mean my sleep.'' He said sitting up and stretching. I nodded still standing frozen, '' whats wrong ?'' He asked with a now serious tone. '' Nothing.'' I said sitting down on his bed, I was to shocked to ask him anything. And honestly I felt bad for him after ready that Diary. I can ask him later. He nodded, I could tell he didn't believe me but I think he knew I didn't want to talk about it. '' right shall we watch a film before dinner?'' He said like an excited five year old. I smiled and nodded sitting down next to him as he pulled out his laptop. 


'' That was shit'' I laughed looking at the hurt expression on his face. '' Are you kidding me that was the best film ever made.'' He said his hand on his chest, we had just finished some space movie that was pure violence. I rolled my eyes standing up from the bed and stretching, '' when's dinner? '' I asked hearing my tummy rumble. '' Should be any moment now, But I don't eat with everyone else. I have a secret place.'' He said scratching the back of his neck. I nodded feeling a little disappointed that we wouldn't be eating together, I mean he is the only person I've really allowed to know the real me since I've been here. '' You could always join me.'' He said curing my disappointment. '' That would be cool.'' I said trying not to act to excited. He chuckled standing up and grabbing my hand '' don't let go and try and be as quiet as possible '' He said before opening the door. I nodded but he had already turned away, Harry put his hoodie over his hand with a tight grip on my hand before guiding me into the elevator. While we were inside he surprised me by pulling me into his chest and smirking I yelped at the unexpected gesture. The elevator door opened and we were greeted by an old lady with the warmest smile. '' Harry darling right on time.'' she smiled, she had a shocked expression on when she saw me but didn't say much about it. '' we must hurry others will be needing the elevator soon.'' she said walking us away from the elevator and out this back area. we walked through the kitchen where many calls for Harry were heard, he just had a goofy smile on his face. I smiled at his interaction with all the elder women. We finally made it into the back where there was a beautiful garden with fairly lights and a cute table. I looked up at Harry and he smiled down at me, '' this is my secret place I guess.'' He said guiding me to the table, I sat down admiring how beautiful the little garden was. I looked back at Harry who seemed to be admiring me, '' Here ya are lovelies'' The old woman said bringing us two plates with pasta on them. arghh how did she know pasta was my favorite?  '' Thank you very much'' Harry smiled at the woman before picking up his fork and digging right in. I laughed at his appetite, '' Hungry?'' I asked starting to eat my own. Jesus it was so good, it was honestly the best pasta I had ever had.  he laughed at me before wiping his mouth to speak, '' so tell me about yourself.'' He said sitting back and raising and eyebrow. I finished chewing before joining him in the same position, '' I live in Manchester, I like blue and music.'' I said looking up at the sky and trying to remember more things to tell him, i started to remember just how un interesting I was. '' boooooooring.'' he sang brushing his hair back, I laughed before picking up my fork again. '' What about you?'' I asked. '' theres not much about me.'' He said getting nervous, '' what do you mean theres go to be something?'' I said a confused expression on my face.  '' alright, My favorite band is muse, I hate blue. I like lucky charms. Scottish people make me laugh, and I live here.'' He before eating again, '' Booooring'' I sang. He rolled his eyes before eating again. Throughout the dinner I found myself laughing like I never have before, I found myself actually enjoying a conversation and not just trying to get through one. It was great. 


'' And Thats when He ran through here and slipped right on his bum.'' The woman in the kitchen and I all laughed together. After our amazing meal we stopped in the kitchen and I was now enjoying some embarrassing stories about  Harry. '' We'll I don't remember that.'' Harry mumbled with an embarrassed expression on his face, which made us laugh even more. '' aww darling its alright.'' one of the woman spoke attempting to ease his pain. I smiled hugging Harry, the women all gave me shocked looked especially when Harry hugged back. soon there expressions changed to looking at us in awe. I don't know why though it was just a hug, its not like were together.  '' All right thats enough embarrassment for one night.'' Harry joked waving goodbye to the women and taking me upstairs. I looked around to see that there was no one in sight. jeez it must be late, we walked into the elevator before walking out into the second floor. He opened the door for me and I sighed running towards my bed and throwing myself onto it. Harry laughed at me before getting into his bed and I did the same. The room was now pitch black and I stared at the ceiling. '' Melody?'' Harry asked, '' Yes'' I whispered. '' Thanks for tonight, its something I will never forget. Or regret.'' I smiled. I don't know what the regret stage was, But I did know that this moment is something I will never regret. Ever. 


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