The Dandelion farm.

'' How can you be so okay with this shit.'' I ask looking up into his eyes, '' Ive had a whole eighteen years to accept the fact that this is what I am meant to do. When you arrived here.. You changed me. I knew I had to be here to help you but you made me want to, with you it didn't feel like a duty it felt like an honor. If dying means doing the right thing for you, I would do it a million times over again.


3. a lovers frustration


Melody's point of view) '' Just leave her we can start in another hour, please'' I heard Harry begging as I started to wake up. What the hell is going on? I sat up to see the same men in suits from the last time, Only the Lady that they were with was on the other side of the room with Harry. He was hooked up to some mechine that the lady was messing with. I watched as she turned her head and saw me awake, '' Get her out.'' she yelled looking at the men around me, '' what the hell!'' I screamed as they picked me up and took me out of the room.  How dare that bitch come in and kick me out, After such an amazing night. I honestly cannot wait to leave, this program sucks. I kicked the door before walking downstairs in frustration. I walked downstairs to find the others only to see they were all gone,  crossed my arms walking into the kitchen. To my satisfaction Rose , Anna and Cristha were sitting down drinking tea, but where was Liam Louis Zayn and Niall? "You too?'' Anna asked looking down at her cup of tea, '' wait you guys got kicked out to?'' I asked sitting down in front of them. So thats why they aren't here, '' yea it happens every Friday. '' Rose said sighing and leaning into her seat. '' it's always random except for friday's.'' Anna said taking a sip of her drink I nodded still not fulling understanding what goes on when we are kicked out of are rooms. " Its really shitty honestly me an Zayn were in the middle of a great film" Cristha Said rolling her eyes. " So are you and him dating?" I asked taking a sip of my tea. " I honestly tried not to be with him I swear.. But theres no way someone that good looking can just slip through my fingers." She said smirking. I was just about to ask the girls the same question but just before I could the lady with the tattoos and lilac hair appeared '' Laddies good morning.'' She said walking towards us with a clipboard. '' Cristha it looks like you are almost ready to go home'' She said an evil smile on her face as she looked down at her clipboard. Why did she make leaving this hell hole seem like such a sinister thing. '' r-really?'' Cristha stuttered with a shocked expression on her face, I smiled at her feeling happy that at least someone would be free. '' Yes It looks like you only have a couple weeks left.'' She said before nodding and walking away. As Happy as I was for Her something didn't feel right, we all knew it.  All of a sudden This didn't feel like a moment to celebrate.


The girls and I were all laying around watching some stupid chick flick, it had been two hours and we still weren't aloud to go to our rooms. What the hell? I need to get dressed and live for crying out loud. I watched them all gush over the male lead in the film, he was alright , But nothing special. '' All rooms are now open.'' A woman spoke over the speaker. I bolted running as fast as I can to get to the second floor, to get to him. I opened the door to find him sound asleep, why is he always so tired when they come in here. I decided to wake him up to see if he would tell me what happened, Just as I was about to touch his shoulder I was interrupted by a cough at the door. It was the same bitch that kicked me out, " I wouldn't." She said crossing her arms. What the fuck, this is my room. Just as I was about to curse her out she interrupted me again " Look, I know you think you hate me. But you'll hate me even more if he doesn't get his rest." She said before walking out, I looked back down at him taking what she said into consideration. As much as I hated her, she was right he needed to rest. He looked so peaceful so tired. He was an angelic mess, I wanted everything to do with him and I hated myself for it. I sighed sitting at the edge of his bed, I remembered the diary. All the things that woman said, the way he looked so puzzled every time he read it. I wanted to know what was going on, But why did It feel so wrong every time I wanted to ask him about it. I felt like I was going to ruin something, but then again he asked me to.


Harrys point if view) I woke up feeling something at the edge of my bed. God I was so tired, Fridays are the worst. Its the day with the most tests, It pisses me off. I sat up looking down at Melody who had fallen asleep at the edge if my bed. She looked so cute, I hated the way they took her out of the room this morning. I wanted to get up and beat the crap out of those guys, but I knew that would get us both in trouble. I tried sliding out of the bed trying my best not to wake her but I failed miserably when she opened her eyes and sat up frantically. Crap. " Whoa when the hell did I fall asleep, what time is it." She said rubbing her eyes. I chuckled looking down at my watch, " Its three thirty" I said observing her every move. " Luuunch tiiimee" She sang doing a little dance, I frowned knowing I wouldn't be able to join her. She quickly noticed sighing along with me " Why don't you ever come down with the other " She asked looking down, I could tell she was nervous to ask me. " I just find it a little awkward " I lied picking up the diary, I knew every time I was reading it she would always leave me. I hate doing this to her, god I hate it. I watched her nod sadly before walking out the room. I hate going down there and looking back at the memories I shared with those guys, it hurts to much.


flashback '' why do I have to?''  Zayn cried as the nurse gave us sympathetic look while Mrs. Edward stood behind her with her arms crossed and a evil look on her face. '' Now now Zaynie its only a few test.'' the nurse said before letting out a shaky breath. Why us what did we do to deserve this? I knew they were lying, there is no test. There making us sick, its not fair. '' Please'' Louis pleaded as she stuck the needle inside Zayn's arm, The sounds of him screaming and Liam crying. I never want to hear it again, but Im forced to Every single day I hear the screams see the pain, feel it. Watching them go through it too almost makes me wish I could take the pain for them, but It feels like I already am. 


I blink the tears away, all those memories just take me right back. And thats somewhere I don't want to be, I wipe my eyes hoping Melody won't walk back in and see me. I don't want her to ask anymore questions, It will only hurt her. This entire program is such a sick joke, I hate it so much. I stand up walking towards the balcony before opening the door and letting the cold air hit my face, gotta love sunny England. I want a future, I want to watch my wife get pregnant and possessively guide her through the busy streets. I want to come home so my kids, and see their faces when I give them everything they've ever wanted. I want to see myself get old and be happy, Its funny because something so simple like a future people like me don't have. And I have to live with that everyday, the pain of not knowing why I was put on this earth. So many people can tell you what you are and who you are meant to be but if you don't find that out for yourself you will never know. I watch the birds flying in the air and listen to the trees dance in the wind and find myself comparing my life to theirs. My life is like a tree, it rains on me sometimes shines and the snow can be heavy on my shoulders but I am here. Wether its so someone could lean on me or to shade someone from the burning pain of the sun I am here. But the worst part about being a tree is that you have to watch everyone around you being happy living life, while you are just there pleasing others. Doing what you are apparently put on this earth to do, I don't understand why my mom left me here. I want so badly to believe what she told me, to believe that this is what I am supposed to do. But I know its not, there is something else out there for me or someone. I can't help but think of Melody as someone to spend the rest of my life with. But as Long as I am in this program that will be a possibility, the better she gets the sicker they make me.

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