The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


4. moving fast?

Hannah and Olivia were in reading and olivia noticed Ashton was staring at Hannah "nerd at 2 o clock." Olivia wishpers and hannah looks "hes really cute" "he's alright." olivia tells her..hannah smiles. 


ashton walks up to olivia and hannah.. "um hi hannah.."ashton says softly. Hannah looks up.. "hi ashton" she smiles,, "i was thinking maybe..we can hang out after school?" ashton asks..Hannah nods "totally" she bites her lip moving a strand of hair from her face..Ashton smiles "well i have band practice at 6 and i live by myself" he smirks..hannah laughs and gives ashton her number and her and olibia go home.. around 7:30 Hannah gets a call from ashton with his adress and she gets to his house and sees ashton... "hey" she smiles ashton lets her in and they sit down on the couch and watch a film..of course Ashton had piked the scarest movie he could making hannah scared getting close to him..he wraps his arn around her and pulls her close..after a while Hannah looks at ashton and takes off his glasses. "your hot without your glasses.."she smiles at him..he bites his lip and kisses hannah she deepens the kiss making ashton get on his back..he smiles and pulls away.. "im on top" hannah giggles and bites her lip..ashton smirks kissing Hannah's neck.. 20 mins later.... Ashtons dog wakes up and walks down the hallway and hears moaning "ASH!!!" he hears hannah scream..the dog covers his ears with his paws...


That night Olivia was on Skype and saw a call from "hemmo96" she bites her lip and answers was luke.. "hey gorgeous." she sees the hot luke smile.. "hi luke!!" she smiles rubbing her eyes..luke bites his lip.. "whats up?" she smiles.. "nothing i'm just tired.." luke bites his lip.. "its 10:34" she nods "hey wanna come over?" luke asks..she bites her lip "wheres your mum?" Luke laughs "out of town sweeit" she nods.. "I'll be there in 5" she hangs up the skype call and gets to Lukes house and sees luke wihout a shirt

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