The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


10. its you!

Olivia and the Rejects wanted to do a friendly battle of the bands..

at the sign up.


Olivia smiles "We are Rejects." she smiles at the middle age lady. "awesome!!" the lady smiles giving them a paper with the number 54 on it. Olivia was about to turn around until someone bumped into her "sorry" she knew was Calum.. "oh hey olivia what are you doing here?" he smiles.. Olivia bites her lip "I'm in battle of the bands.." she says fixing her newly colored Purple hair. "CALUM!!! WE TOLD YOU NOT TO SIGH UP WITHOUT US!" she sees ashton smile with michael.. "oh hey hannah!!!" ashton laughs.. after a few mins she sees Luke "oh hey han- olivia?" Luke asks suprised.. "hi.." she says "you look beaut- sorry i forgot you hate me" luke says biting his lip.

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