The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


18. i really do love you!


it's been 5 Months since I got Olivia back.. god I've been the happiest I've ever been.. having her back in my life.. has been amazing i wanna spend the REST of my LIFE with her!!! but what if she doesn't wanna spend the rest of her life with me? Life is hard..



being back with Luke has been very wonderful.. I forgot how sweet he really is.. IT seems like I'm the only thing that matters to him... Which felt amazing.. I haven't had someone there for me like Luke in a long time.. I really do LOVE him.. LOVE is a STRONG word I know but.. I really do wanna spend the rest of my life with him.. NO ONE ELSE!!!



so today Luke dragged me along to find a ring for Olivia.. he is very IN LOVE WITH HER!!! which is adorable I could tell that she was different.. I do feel bad that i didn't get the chance to be with her... But If luke is happy then I'm happy.



i picked put the perfect ring for Olivia.. hopefully she say yes.. At the moment we were on break from the tour and this was the perfect time to ask her...

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