The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


9. I don't want us to end.


It's been a week since people found out about Luke and I.. At this point i didn't care what people thinks about Luke and I.. i love him.. I was on my way to the park with my older sister Stella.. she was back from College.. we got there and i swear- i saw someone who looked like Luke.. i wasn't sure.. I passed by the guy.. sure enough it was Luke he was snogging a girl with bright Blue hair.. I was shoked.. i was in tears..  "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME LUKE?? I TRUSTED YOU!!!" i yell seeing Luke turn around.. "baby it's not what it looks like!" i tells me and i see the girl laugh "shes the whore you dated so you can get popular.." she tells him.. Luke grinned "yeah she is" IN 2 seconds luke was saying its not what it looks like and now he was agreeing with her? wow.. i wipe my tears "WE ARE DONE LUKE!!" he laughed "good!! byee" the girl smiles.. I've been cheated on.. by someone i really trusted..what now?


Olivia had joined a group with Hannah,Cara,Lotte.. they were called Rejects.. this was the way Olivia could get luke mad.. he wanted to be in a band but always failed.. but this time he was famous.. he knew about Olivia's group but he never knew what would happen.. 



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