The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


7. Don't let them get to you..

2 Months later!!!

Luke and Olivia have been close as ever..even told each other they "i love you".. Of course no one at school knew.. No one could know Olivia was with a nerd! she was the volleyball team Captian..everything as perfect.. UNTIL





Luke and olivia were in there studies.. "no lucas the answer is Shakespeare.." Luke grins "he wrote Romeo and juliet" Olivia sighs looking down at her book "and?" luke looks at her "im Romeo..and your my juliet" he says leaning across the table to kiss her..she smiles and kisses him "I love you nerd." Little did they know the schools yearbook helper was in there and snapped a pic of them kissing..


Olivia was walking down the hallway with hannah.. "hey Olivia you kiss nerds?" one of the little 9th graders ask her.. "excuse me?" she asks confused.. the 9th grader walked away and she saw a picture of her and Luke kissing on the schools bullet board.. she grabbed the picture and tears it "no one needs to know about me and Luke!!!" she says and people start laughing at her.. she ran out and went home.. 


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