The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


13. did he really still love me?



once i heard Michael say that line.. i was very very confused.. Luke cheated on me.. yet it seems like he still had feelings for me.. Why?? I can't get hurt by him again!!! NO WAY will i let that happen! I don't even like Luke anymore.. I really liked Calum.. Yeah I've known Calum from High school.. but once he hit puberty.. He is VERY handsome.. Would Luke get mad if i liked Calum and not him?



If you ask me about Olivia and Luke I couldn't tell you much.. All I remember was that Luke had cheated on her in High School.. Ashton and I broke up from losing interest in each other... I'm Still friends with him. Would Olivia date luke again? I doubt it.. She did really love him.. They were heart school sweet hearts.. Luke hurt her really bad.. I heard she had a crush on Calum Hood! he was very cute i must say.. She might go for Calum but who knows!! Oh but i do know after Luke had cheated on her.. She stopped eatting and started drinking Bleach.. Ive tried to make her stop many times.. She finally stopped but started burning her skin.. Luke is a fucking asshole if you ask me!!!



When i saw hannah for the first time in 7 months.. I felt like i loved her all over again.. I know before we lost interest in each other.. but she looked gorgous! with her grown out Brown hair!! she got a snake bites pericings.. she got a bit taller and gained some weight with was perfect for her!! I'm thinking of getting back with her.. What if she doesn't feel the same? I would be crushed!!! 




I still loved olivia! she looked perfect.. well she always did.. I would have still been with her if i didn't cheat on her!! that girl didn't even mean ANYTHING to me!!! i'm such a idiot!!! I WANT OLIVIA BACK!!! when we broke up i started to self harm.. That's why i wear SO many bracelets on my arm.. I loved her.. She  probably doesn't love me back.. but maybe i could win her back.? just maybe



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