Dusty Road


1. Dusty Road

Dusty Road

The road just seemed to stretch on and on. There had not been a soul in sight for what seemed like forever. How long had I been going? I had no idea. There was no point in going back now. Back to where, exactly? Back to what? My head was spinning and I felt dizzy. Suddenly I saw something on the road in front of me. It was still far away, but it was definitely moving towards me. I stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and thought about what to do.

The hot sun was unbearable. I had been walking, and walking, and walking, and at that point it almost felt sempiternal. I was confused, tired, hungry and dehydrated. And I feared that I, in my confusion, had turned the wrong direction and the thing coming towards me was actually the thing I was running from in the first place. I wanted to go back so bad but what if I was wrong? After all, I wasn’t even sure what I was running from anymore. So I just stood there without moving and barely breathing while the blazing sun almost vaporized my brain cells. I was literally losing my mind.

After minutes of insanity I decided to keep moving. I was curious and I wanted to know what that thing was. And what was the worst thing it could do? Kill me? I wouldn't survive one more night in this desert anyway. I took another step and almost fell to the ground. My feet were bloody and bruised and I had blisters all over them. But I had to move through the pain. I tried a couple of times but I couldn't take one more step. I took my t-shirt off and sat down. I tied it around my feet to stop the bleeding. "No pain, no gain," I quizzaciously kept thinking. Even though it made me want to slap myself every time that sentence ran through my mind, it actually helped a little. It made me feel less lonely.

I looked up for a moment and saw that the moving thing was pretty close, but it moved so slow that I still couldn't tell what it was. Everything looked so blurry and foggy, and I couldn't focus no matter how hard I tried. I crawled another three meters before I gave up. I laid down and closed my eyes, hoping for a heart attack or something else that could stop this never ending nightmare and take the pain away.

I woke up covered in dust and water. I coughed and could hardly open my eyes. Again, water was poured on my face. I looked up and saw that four young men stood before me. One with flaming red hair and a blue leather jacket. The second one had blond hair and a very structured face. The third one had big, curly, brown hair and a black jacket. The last one had black, long hair and wore a military green vest. A truck was parked behind them and I was sure it was the moving thing I had seen before. The red-haired man looked worried and started shouting at me, but I couldn’t hear anything over the loud ringing noise in my head. I tried to remember what had happened but it felt like my brain was going to explode. My heart pounded so hard that I could taste the copper in my mouth. But then… I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. I knew what was going on. I remembered everything. And I knew one thing for sure. - We had to get out of here. Immediately.

“1. 2. 3. Radio, come in! If anyone hears this, we’re in the middle of a zombie epidemic. My name’s Spencer Raymond but these guys like to call me Snow Pony. There’s Party Poison, he’s the leader. Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, and Kobra Kid… Kobra. With a K, not a C.

My family’s infected. Probably dead by now. And we won’t survive any longer either. We’re out of gas and we’re stuck here. If anyone hears this, send help. 57892 Battery City.”

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