Just One Yesterday

After a long night at the club Kate woke up in some strangers bed. She had no idea how she got there but when she walked into the kitchen she was quite surprised to find Pete Wentz making her pancakes. But it turned out that the night at the club wasn't the only thing she had forgotten.


7. Chapter 7

Pete's Perspective

I sat in the car driving somewhere. I just needed to clear my head.

After Kate told me she didn't remember me or that night at all I just left telling her a shitty excuse I already forgot. I really didn't like leaving her alone like this but I needed to think this through.

After all we've been through. How can she just forget all that? A small thought suddenly made his way through my head getting louder and louder every second.

It's all your fault.

I tried to ignore it.

You let her down.

I held on to the steering wheel harder.

You weren't there for her.

I hit the brakes.

Witout you her live would be better.

I pulled the car over.

It's too late now.

The car stopped.

You couldn't protect her.

I got out of my car.

You're a failure.

I started running.

You can't run from it.

I fought against my own thoughts. A fight I could only lose. Because I always lose. My brain is never on my side. I could feel tears running down my face. I didn't wipe them away. They calm me. Make me leave my thoughts and bring me back to reality.

I looked up. I was somewhere outside the city. I stood up and walked back to my car. I started the car and drove. I still didn't know where to go but I knew I needed help from someone and I only knew one guy who could help.

I parked in front of his house walked towards the door and knocked. Only a few seconds later the short man arrived at the door. "Pete? Please come in." He looked a bit surprised to see me.

I walked past him and went straight to his living room dropping down on his couch. He sat down next to me and I couldn't keep it in any longer.

"I failed, Patrick. I failed." I sobbed again and again tears running down my face. Patrick put an arm around my shoulder and tried to comfort me. "It's alright, Pete. Everything is alright. Just calm down a bit and tell me what happened." I tried really hard to calm down but it just wouldn't work so I continued sobbing. "I couldn't protect her." "Protect who?"

"Kate." "What happened to her?" Patrick still petted my shoulder which surprisingly calmed me down a bit but I could hear he was worried. "She can't remember me. I don't... She has no idea who I am, Patrick. Well actually she knows that I'm Pete Wentz but that's it. Nothing more." I said it out loud but I still can't believe it.

"How? How is that possible?" He looked even more worried than I thought he would be but I didn't bother it. "I don't know." I finally stopped crying and sat up straight again. "You two were together you can't just forget that." "You're right. But something happened on friday." Patrick looked away. I immediately stopped talking. He seemed like he's hiding something but also a bit guilty.

"Patrick?" "Yes?" "When was the last time you saw Kate?" "Uhm. I don't know." I could see he was getting more and more nervous so I interrupted him right away. "How can you not know that, Patrick? Don't lie to me." "I'm not. I... I'm..." This was going to slow for me. Suddenly my sadness disappeared leaving only pure anger behind. I pulled Patrick up by his shirt and held him close to me. His fedora fell off his head and landed on the couch but I just ignored it. He tried to free himself but it didn't work because I was stronger than him and I also didn't think for a second about letting him go before he answered.

"I'm going to ask you once again. When was the last time you saw her?" He finally gave up. "I saw her on friday. I was at the club too. She was upset and I bought her some drinks. And we...I-" I knew what he wanted to say but I didn't want to hear it. I let go of him and he fell down on the couch. I couldn't believe it.

I just left his house. It was a bad idea to go there. I heard him scream my name trying to stop me from driving away. But it was to late. I was already in my car driving home. The only place I knew where I could just sit and think.

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