Just One Yesterday

After a long night at the club Kate woke up in some strangers bed. She had no idea how she got there but when she walked into the kitchen she was quite surprised to find Pete Wentz making her pancakes. But it turned out that the night at the club wasn't the only thing she had forgotten.


5. Chapter 5

Olivia and I waited in front of the club for about twenty minutes till we finally got in. It was already really full even though the club only opened an hour ago. As we walked in the music got louder and louder. I really did enjoy loud music but that was even too loud for me. I tried to blend it out.

Olivia immediately went to the bar to get us some drinks. I sat down next to the dance floor and waited for her to return. After a while she arrived with two tequila shots and two vodkas with orange juice. "On a fun night!" She screamed over the music and we drank our shots together.

After we finished our wodkas too Olivia pulled me on the dance floor. Because I was already getting tipsy I just went with her. I usually didn't like dancing at a club because I was afraid people were watching me but who actually cares.

At some point I lost her in the crowd so I decided to go back to our table. When I arrived I noticed that someone was sitting in my seat. "Excuse me but that's my seat." I tried not to babble that much so I wouldn't seem too drunk. "Oh I'm sorry." The guy in my seat turned around and looked at me with a smile. He was only a bit taller than I was and seemed really cute especially with the fedora on his head "But you have to wake up now."

I felt something on my shoulder and immediately sat up straight. I turned on the light on my night stand only to see Olivia standing next to me. "What happened?" I turned around and looked at her. She looked a bit tired. "You seemed like you were having a nightmare so I decided to wake you." A nightmare? I haven't had a nightmare in ages. "I'm fine it actually wasn't a nightmare. I dreamt about our night at the club." I told her the whole dream not even leaving out the smallest part.

"And?" "And what?" I looked at her in confusion. "Who was that guy on your seat?" "I don't know. You woke me up before I could see him clearly." That was a lie. I knew exactly who he was. "Oh I'm sorry. Anyway I have to leave now and you should get ready for work. I don't want you to be late again." "Okay bye."

She closed the door leaving me alone. I took a quick look at the time and realised it was only 8am. My work only started at 11am today so I got plenty of time. I got dressed anyway and made some breakfast.

Suddenly someone knocked at my door. That's weird. The only person who actually visits me is Olivia and she had the key to my apartment so who was that? I slowly got up and walked towards to door. I opened it and stared into familiar light brown eyes.

"Pete? What are you doing here?" I asked but he already squeezed past me and entered my apartment. "You look really stunning today." It was just a quick note but still made me blush a little bit. "Thanks..I guess." He walked around the small flat as if he searched for something. "Why are you here and how do you even know where I live?" "You told me." he looked at me shortly and walked to the next room. "Don't you remember?" He now shouted from the kitchen. "No not really." I sat down on the couch and hoped he would calm down soon and finally tell me why he was here. He really did have much energy.

"So you still haven't told me -" I got cut off by a loud noise from the kitchen. It sounded like someone dropped all my pans. I stood up and walked to the next room.

I arrived to see Pete holding a glass of water in his one hand and my toaster in the other. "I might or might not have just broken your toaster." "How did you do that?" "Well I was about to get a glass of water and...never mind that's not why I'm here." He walked back to the living room as if he lived here and jumped on the couch pointing at the spot next to him for me to sit down.

I felt a bit uncomfortable with him here. I mean I only knew him for one morning. We didn't even talk much that day but now he's here acting like we were best friends or somthing like that. But somehow it was also calming. Knowing that he's here. It just felt like it's meant to be.

"Will you finally tell me why you are here?" "Okay. So you wouldn't answer your phone and I got worried that something happened to you and drove here."

I know I probably said that before but this is getting weirder every second.

Why would Pete Wentz care about me?

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