Just One Yesterday

After a long night at the club Kate woke up in some strangers bed. She had no idea how she got there but when she walked into the kitchen she was quite surprised to find Pete Wentz making her pancakes. But it turned out that the night at the club wasn't the only thing she had forgotten.


4. Chapter 4

I didn't know how long I sat there but at some point my phone rang again making me snap out of my thoughts. Oh shit I thought as I looked at the caller id. It was my boss. "Are you going to show up at work today?" he asked immediately after I picked up my phone. "Yes. I'm sorry. I'm on my way." I said as I grabbed all my stuff and left my apartment. "I want you to come to my room right after you arrived at the office." he hung up before I could even say another word. Because I was so late I took my car instead of the bus to the office.

I arrived there twenty minutes later and walked to my boss' office straightaway. I had to wait a few minutes since he was at a meeting at the time but when he came back it didn't seem like it went well. "Please come in." he said pointing at the door to his room.

"Mrs. Foster this is the third time in only twi weeks that you are late for work. Do you know what that means?" I shook my head. "If you are late two more times you could lose your job." "What?" I looked at him in shock "But I love my work here and I always wanted to be a graphic designer please you can't do that." I felt like I was close to crying. This was my dream job and after all this years I finally had the job and I might lose it because of my tardiness. "I'm really sorry but those are our rules. I hope it won't happen again. You can leave now."

I shook my boss' hand and left his room almost sprinting out. I sat down at my desk and tried to calm down. He can't do that, I told myself as I tried to hold back my tears but I knew he can. I finished todays work but the whole time I could hear his words again and again. If you are late two more times you could lose your job.

And then again my thoughts always started drifting back to that moment earlier this morning. The moment I always dreamed of since I was a teenager and Fall Out Boy only started as a small band. I grew up with them but I'd never thought that one day I could say that Pete Wentz actually kissed me.

As I was just about to grab my stuff and leave the office my phone vibrated. It was a text massage from an unknown number.

Last night was amazing. I hope you are okay. ~ P

Okay I really need to find out what happened so I decided to text Olivia that she should meet me at my apartment in one hour.

Olivia almost bursted through my door exactly one hour later hugging me tight. "I was so worried about you! You need to tell me everything!" She walked past me into my living room dropping down on my couch. I brought her something to drink and sat down next to her. "I actually can't remember much. I just know that we were out at the club and I talked to someone. The next thing I remember is waking up at Pete Wentz's house. He made me breakfast and then I left because I needed to work." I told her leaving out the kiss on purpose. "So will you finally tell me what really happened."

She took a sip of the water I placed in front of her looking around like someone is watching us. "Okay so when we were at the club some guy started chatting with you and you left with him but trust me I know for sure it wasn't Pete. I really would've noticed him." "Can you tell me anything else that happened?" I really didn't like this whole situation. "Not really. I wasn't with you the whole time so you also didn't tell me that you left the club."

I really wanted to believe her but that didn't fit together with me waking up in Pete's bed.

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