Just One Yesterday

After a long night at the club Kate woke up in some strangers bed. She had no idea how she got there but when she walked into the kitchen she was quite surprised to find Pete Wentz making her pancakes. But it turned out that the night at the club wasn't the only thing she had forgotten.


3. Chapter 3


Pete sat down in front of me handing me my coffee and pancakes. I took only a sip of my coffee because it was still too hot to drink. Pete eyed me carefully before taking a sip of his own coffee too. I waited for him to say something so it would be less awkward and I didn't know what to say anyway as I've never been in a situation like this before but he only stared at me with his cute smile and started to eat.

After we ate our breakfast in silence a familiar song started playing. Pete looked up from his now empty plate. "Is that Favorite Record?" he asked and chuckled a bit. "Yeah." I answered shortly before I took my phone and looked at the name. Olivia. "Sorry I have to take this one." I said while standing up and leaving into the living room which was also bigger than I expected. I sat down on the big couch which stood in front of a gigantic flat screen and answered the call.

"Oh my god Kate!! You finally picked up! I was so worried about you after you just left the party." So I actually did leave the club without her. "Where are you?" "You will never believe this! I'm here in Pete Wentz's house." After a long silence she finally answered "You are WHERE?" "You heard me right I'm with Pete from Fall Out Boy." "But Pete wasn't even at the party. I would have noticed him."

Right after she said that Pete appeared in the living room walking towards the couch and sitting down next to me leaving some space between us. "Okay...well I gotta go. Call you later." I ended the call before she could say anything else and turned around to face Pete.

"Are you sure everything is alright? You look a bit confused." Pete asked with a worried look. "Yeah sure" I tried to assure him putting up a fake smile so he wouldn't see how baffled I actually was. "I'm just tired from yesterday. You know it was a long night." I really hoped he would take the lie since I still had no idea what happened. He eyed me quickly but then grinned again leaning a bit closer to me. "It sure was."

The more we talked the more I wanted to know what actually happened the night before. I was just about to ask him when my phone rang again but this time it was a reminder that my work started in one hour. "I'm sorry I really gotta go now." I said quickly making my way to the front door where I found my black sneakers. I put them on quickly and was just about to leave when a hand on my shoulder held me back.

Pete spun me around so I stared him deep into his beautiful eyes. He placed one hand on my back the other slightly stroking my cheek. My heart beat faster as he slowly leaned in for a kiss. His lips touched mine for just a second before he leaned back and walked upstairs again leaving me alone. I stood there for a few more seconds that felt like forever before I turned around and left the house closing the door behind me.

I rushed out of his gateway finding myself a cab that would drive me home which seemed to be only a few blocks away. I payed the driver more than he charged and entered my small apartment. I sat down on my couch and closed my eyes.

What the hell did just happen?

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